Time to end
the Whistlefiles site


May 22, 2018

Actually, I should have ended this site before now. Or remembered to maintain it. I basically forgot about it for a couple of years.

However, I am not just going to quietly take it down. I want to draw attention to the fact that I am removing it and why. There is a story to this site.

And some of the contents will remain up for a little while.

I apologize for neglecting this site. I even forgot to update my old e-mail address. I needed to update the story of my legal battles with the fool who decided to take me out with libel actions. That has become a topic appropriate for the new site I will be developing.

But I have been somewhat preoccupied with legal matters. Not just to do with legal attacks on me over this site, but generally the abuse thrown at people who expect to be able to use the courts in their intended way in order to enforce their rights. The big reason why people are so apathetic is that the minute anyone of character stands up, the creeps are trying to take them down.

This will be the focus of a site I am developing, to be called In Propria Persona. That is, "in own right"; a non-pejorative latin term for people speaking for themselves in court. This is a topic which needs to be more widely discussed.

Also, I have been ill for much of the past three years. Actually, I have been ill all my life. I live on a disability pension. But for a period recently I was not getting the right medications. That problem is corrected and I am feeling a lot feistier now.

This site is the successor to the old "Causepimps" site which caused a lot of commotion in Toronto some years back. It created a directory of bullshit people and organizations. In its heyday from about 2008 of 2012, it really struck terror into lot of poverty pimp types; people and groups using a cover of political activism for corrupt and antisocial behaviour.

I think this site had a lot to do with changing the culture of left activism in Toronto. Today there s much less tolerance of people with the idea that the way you do activism is by attacking lists of people designated as "enemies" of this or that. This has produced a lot of outright criminal behaviour.

But Causepimps/Whistlefiles has outlived its usefulness. I think there is still a need for some sort of directory of abusive organizations, ones which are not what they pretend to be. However, to do that properly requires resources and skills I do not have.

What I can do is give people some good advice about getting involved with activist people and groups. Most "activists" are full of shit. They are narcissists trying to get power and prestige for themselves.

Most non profit organizations are also full of shit. They are about making an income for someone or being a front for something. The rule of thumb is to stay away from anything without a clearly defined goal and a timetable for achieving it.

Stay away from anything that seems set up to go on forever, unless it is providing a useful service to people and the people being served are genuinely being consulted. Especially stay away from any outfit claiming to be the "voice" of any defined group of people.

Consider that most of the so called "social" or "not for profit" sector is the slime that fills up the space where a deep democracy should be. All these services should be run by government, especially by the kind of community level of government which is not allowed to exist right now. Deepening democracy, especially local democracy, is another one of my special topics.

I may be adding to this site. For now, the contents are as follows;

It seems these Dave Meslin RaBIT people never go away. The city voted this down once. The right solution for the city's voting problems is proportional representation. The RaBIT bastards will even try to present their crap as Proportional Representation. So, the RaBIT folder is back again.

The Andy Lehrer folder which Lehrer is so anxious to get taken down.

The Federation of Metro Tenants Associations folder, which is where the old Cause pimps site started. FMTA is still among the most obnoxious fake activist groups around. They have been forced by my web sites to pretty much go underground, but they are masters of funding by stealth, and working through other groups. They will not be gotten rid of until the present corrupt governance structure in Toronto is corrected.

To conclude, no one should have any idea that I am in any way defeated and they can safely attack me. One of the reasons I maintained these sites was as a personal defense. I had been subjected to a campaign of slander and isolation organized by FMTA. That toned down remarkably when I started putting people who attacked me up on the web, with the particulars. I do not get harassed that way much anymore. However, I will have space in the in propria persona site for people who decide they want to interfere with me and such pages will be vigorously promoted.