xxxThis web site is the successor to the old Cause Pimps site. It has become clear that the project needed some revising, with a clearer focus on the aim of the site.

The aim is to provide a space within which people can blow the whistle on bad people and bad groups who are engaging in anti social activities under the cover of being "activists". These anti social activities can range from mere aggressive self promotion to trying to destroy people who are seen as a threat, to abetting violence.

As with most whistle blower operations, from kiwileaks on down to humble endeavors like this, retaliation from the miscreants who are being whistled out is almost inevitable. This is why the new site is being set up in Switzerland and the domain registered there.

The domain "cause pimps", always a bit obscure, confuses some people. It is now probably a "dead domain" because of the activities of some vindictive cause pimps. Read the story of this inside the site. As well, some people are proudly calling themselves "cause pimps" who raise money for certain causes. Why anyone would want to hire them, I do not know.

The judicial system in Canada and the laws protecting freedom of speech are proved to be inadequate. So, yodel-ady-hoo! The Whistleblower web site is set up in Switizerland to deal with bullshitters among the "activists" of Toronto, and to encourage more ethical behavior among socially progressive groups. It will also begin to report nation wide.

The site will continue to work by volunteered information. It will also start to place more emphasis on documentation. It is not for people with grudges who want to throw stones from behind cover. It is not for people to report "reds" to. We are also "reds", thank you very much.

And of course, if you do not want us to put the information up on the site, why are you sending it? That is what we do; receive, evaluate, and publish information.

To conclude, note that this very basic page setup is temporary. We will have something more advanced soon.



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The demise of the Cause Pimps site. August 2015.

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