A.J. Withers


Somebody has sent me some pictures of the little squeek from OCAP, so it is time to open a cause pimps file on her. She certainly does deserve it.

Lately some body sent me new info about OCAP, including this sentence about EJ. "He also said the woman who claims you and your friend stalk women is AJ Withers and loves to make false claims against just about anybody."

She is apparently still working for OCAP. She is one of the core people who have been there for a long time now. At times she was paid staff at the office. She was one of the people responsible for throwing donations to the Pope squat in the trash because they wanted to kill it.

I recall some controversy about EJ being rehired to work in the OCAP office even though she was not actually doing any work or showing up.

Several people complained that she put on this cute and shy persona to disarm people. She is very small with a squeeky voice. She has asthma pretty bad. But she is really into stabbing people in the back.

Lately she has written a book about disability issues from the usual sort of precast Marxist perspective. The autobiagraphical information the publisher gives out is;

A.J. WITHERS has been involved in radical organizing, specifically within the radical disability, anti- globalization and anti-poverty movements for 15 years, and has been employed as an organizer with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP).

In short, she is another of the type of people who form the core of OCAP, an opportunist with major narcissism problems for whom "activism" is a self serving career and a way of rationalizing her anti-social problems. The same old rule applies; have nothing to do with anyone characterizing themselves as an "activist" or "revolutionary".

Progress is made by active citizens, not "activists", and when citizens decide to get active or to revolt they wil choose their leaders. We don't need assholes trying to choose themselves as the leaders.