Nairobi trip

This is a bit obscure, but comes from some sort of cached information page and is reproduced here as well as can be.

Open CKLN 88.1 FM Toronto Community Radio - [Cached Version] Published on: 9/24/2007 Last Visited: 9/24/2007 The individuals named were Program Director Tim May, News Director Kristin Schwartz, and Chair of the CKLN Board David Barnard.

We encountered members of, what will now be known as, "Kristin's Crony Crew", those that have allied themselves with the symbol of hierarchical power within the station, News Director Kristin Schwartz.

Kristin Schwartz and Asad Ismi's Colonialism fuels discontent and plunders CKLN Resources

In the offices and boardrooms of CKLN, there are charges of hypocrisy, insensitivity, perhaps racism, levied against those who occupy positions of power at the "community radio station" namely News Director Kristin Schwartz and the CKLN Board of Directors.

It all stems from a January 2007 trip to Nairobi, Kenya and the World Social Conference by CKLN News Director Kristin Schwartz, the funding for which was approved easily by the CKLN Board of Directors at Kristin's insistence.

Answer: You might be hearing programming soon on CKLN stemming from a trip to Nairobi, Kenya by CKLN News Director Kristin Schwartz and the unaffiliated researcher and writer Asad Ismi.

Mr. Ismi has also raised funds personally for the trip to Nairobi and for Kristin Schwartz ostensibly to produce a radio documentary.

What has the reaction been by the CKLN "Afrikan Caucus" of the CKLN Board decision to fund aspects of the January 2007 trip to Nairobi, Kenya proposed by News Director Kristin Schwartz?

Answer: Members of CKLN's "Afrikan Caucus" were upset about Ms. Schwartz's request to the Board, and subsequent rubber stamping, of her paid trip to Nairobi in January 2007.

We wonder why a member of the African-Canadian community was not offered a chance to travel to the "World Social Conference " in Kenya to report for CKLN.

One wonders if Ms. Schwartz, who is known to speak enthusiastically about "group consensus", ever presented her plan to the CKLN "Afrikan Caucus" before taking her proposal to the Board.We suspect NO.

All evidence indicates that Ms. Schwartz kept her travel plans very close to the vest and announced them only after Board funding was complete.

PART II of Kristin Schwartz and Asad Ismi's Colonialism that fuels discontent and plunders CKLN resources