CKLN, Ryerson radio

August 5th 2011, latest about CKLN

It is not the end yet for the CKLN pimps

Ex-board member slaps CKLN with injunction

Kristin Schwartz's abuse of CKLN funds

CKLN collage

article October 2010

Transcript of CRTC hearing, if you want detail...

Background about CFU and campus Trotskyites, the root cause of all this trouble.

Here is the file on CFU, containing mostly a good scholarly but readable paper on the Canadian Federation of Students.

CRTC finally acts, but wanna bet they either try to operate as pirate radio,
or sell the equipment and pocket the money?

A sad story of someone who tried to fight the CKLN cause pimps the wrong way

Andy Lehrer  

  Kristin Schwartz

Here is an interesting link to the "nom de blog' of CKLN insider. Worth a read by people wanting to understand what "left" activism is really about.


Articles about the apparent end of the CKLN pimps honey pot.

Globe article about "new CKLN"

CKLN dissolves?

OCT 2013- the names of the board members who put CKLN under finally, last July. I wonder what their next honey pot will be?

"They picked its bones like buzzards", moans one commentary on the Torontoist article about CKLN's "moving sale". Whose pockets will the proceeds go into? We'll never know. If your browser does not read the commentary, download as PDF



Will a new CKLN rise? At least they have stopped trying to revive the old CKLN.

Excellent article; lets hope it works out for new group