Connie Harrison


August 2015

Here is some more stuff about Connie that I have sat on for awhile. It was sent to me by someone who seemed to have spoofed my own e-mail to get into Questia and sent it to me along with the article he talked about. Below this is the abstract of it. Sue me, Questia.

Her origins seem to be in some sort of family quarrel in the states. It is not hugely relevent. That she ties with Kevin Annett is interesting. Annett is a well known con artist whom I have met. He has especially used aboriginal rights issues to pimp on. I have not created a file about him because he does not operate much in Toronto, but seems to travel nationally.


Connie Harrison was among thousands of Toronto Dominion customers who found themselves without money in the bank after a computer glitch stopped social assistance cheques from being directly deposited into their accounts.

Bank officials say the problems began at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, when the Royal Bank of Canada, which is involved in processing social assistance cheques from the provincial government, sent a file of 50,000 deposits to the TD Bank.

RICK MADONIK/TORONTO STAR SCARY SITUATION: Connie Harrison and her son [Boris], 5, rely on social assistance but yesterday morning a bank glitch kept her money from showing up in her Toronto Dominion account.


Right after this article appeared. She then went on radio, television, all asking for money and people gave generously. However, where there is a platform for money or fame. You bet you can find Connie crying how life is so unfair...her biography in her own words...from the book she wants published called The Tax Collector's Daughter which she was seeking crowdsourcing on. The Tax Collecters Daughter User rating 0.0 (0) 33 Is This Your Project? Project Info Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada Visit Campaign Goal $1,000 Ending May 23, 2014 I've been struggling with who I am as an adoptee and autistic so I need help to finish my book on my life and quest for my family.Its a puzzle and a book.


Hi I'm Connie Harrison Au who lives in Toronto.I'm also an adoptee with no known heritage . I have been kept in the dark about my heritage my entire life. I was raised by the tax collector of Volusia County, Florida as her foster daughter.

After her death I was hurled into rape, torture and forced prostitution at the hands of my step father.That was at age 13 when I had little control of my life.The only power I had was to run and to keep reading.

The quest for safety lead me to Canada where I have resided my whole life. This book is important to me as I need to tell my story and to discover the players in my story. Modern science has allowed me to make some inroads into my genetic past and to find some relatives.

Yes this book is about what happened to me and what I felt about but its also a puzzle and a reseach project. I need money to do some of the research but I need fellow reseachers and detectives to pitch in. I need all angles explored. I also need good people just telling me words of encouragement and not to ever give up ever.

Growing up I was raised with two themes One that you are a retard and garbage that can be sent back to a children's home and the other that I was a princess. I was in all the special ed classes and has to see a child mental health worker all the time. Bullied on a constant basis I sought peace with animals. An elderly aunt was the one who told me I was a princess in exile and I had to find my country.

As well as the animals I lost myself in books I had read Jane Eyre by 10 Jane became abit of a role model for me I know today that there are foster kids,kids/people on the autism spectrum and other disabilities who are searching for their place in the world and having a hard time to find it.

Kids and adults who have been beaten down by these situations and I hope that this book and puzzle will help anyone reading it to do what they need to do to find their place and to always keep digging and pushing for answers The contributors will help solve the mystery of the book so the past can be laid to rest and work with me to do that.

To help me so this book will be there for any young person so they know there is better to come in life. Your Contribution will go towards Ancestory and DNA research Getting a copy editor to work with me on the final edition of my book. & & she even wanted to use the white> & & she even wanted to use the White House to remove her US Citizenship


So if there was ever a rebel without a brain or cause that is meant pull money from people's wallets there is where you will find Connie. Just ask Kevin Annett -

( link is down) and the war they have been having on YouTube. The link to fascism has been with her two Yugoslav husbands each of which have had known ties to the European Far Right. To compensate she has hooked up people on the Far Left. But, when it comes to extreme ideologies - it not a line or spectrum but a circle. And, this causepimp does care, so long she is the center orchestrating it. And, if not herself then her son, or her daughter with the dream of creating a causepimp dynasty.

Yes, there is some more. Keep in mind that I cannot independantly verify most of this. But I have heard about Connie Harrison in the past as someone who causes trouble around social housing neighborhods, does drty work for radical organisaions and is relentlessly opportunisitc. And runs for office.

The informant is also suspect. I do not like people who hide behind spoofed e-mail. He (she?) seems to be trying to create a fight between Harrison and some other people. Unfortunately, that is often how yoy get info about these kinds of people.

Says she is on the Left but votes for Tim Hudak [ submits as evidence a blog piece favoring Hudak and the comment on the bottom; he pcs are pro autism and thats why I am voting for them they stood up against the dippers who supported the use of blockers on autistic kids in Barrie Peter Tabuns actually threw a photo of my child on the floor when we went to him for help.The dippers belong in a garbage can along with the witch of oz paula fletcher and her evil sisters Ms pammy and janet Unrepentent

Goes by a large number of names... Connie Harrison, Cornelia Harrison, Connie Paul, Cornelia Paul Connie Anne Paul, Connie Barnabic (yes she was married to guy who wrote the Condo Bible), so many identities - it is wonder that she even knows who she is.

The links to fascists was that she was favorably endorsed by Stormfront during her electoral run for City Councilor and that Barnabic has deep ties with Croatian Independence movements which were associated with the Far Right.

She cannot stand the Conservatives, yet, loves the Conservatives. Hates the NDP but the NDP are the only ones who help her. Woman is just where the trough is. Just like her son - Daniel Murton - as noted on your site.

To conclude, people can vote for whoever they want and support what party hey want. They are free to deal with another party and its peopel if they aren't getting helped by their first. I have worked with several parties over the years. A problem with our system is that one representative controls a whole riding and leaves people seeking government help with no alternative routes.

This came over the net on February 5, 2014. Yes, she does need a profile of her own. Ties to Fascists? I dunno... pretty tenuous ones. But she is connected to a lot of bullshit.

More on Connie Harrison, mother of Daniel Murton, a Cause Pimp already profiled on your site.

Note that Connie or CORNELIA also goes by the name of Connie Paul. Currently preparing to run under the Kevin Clarke banner for anything - mayor, premier, etc. Anything to gain the spotlight just like she was defending Rob Ford against the Ontario Press Council. She really needs a profile all to herself...she is one dangerous woman with ties to fascists.

Here is the decision of a judge in a case she and two other professional nuisances made to said judge. I agree with the judge; they made no case for all this charter stuff, and the place for the lack of repair is with the rental board. It would be nice if we could get more than ten thousand out of the rental board, but there it is.

Now, here are some snippets from a newspaper article about why she supported Ford. Wonder if she still does. I hope the paper does not get snippy with me about copyright. One of these days we wil get proper copyright laws in line with the electronic age and the right to information, but there it is.

"Why Rob Ford should win" from 2010.

"They live in social housing. They live in Lawrence Park. They hate gridlock and what they see as profligate spending at city hall. Their politics are left, centre and right. But they have one thing in common: They plan to vote for Rob Ford,..." " Mr. Ford seems an unlikely front runner." "Yet none of that seems to matter to his legion of admirers, "

Name: Connie Harrison

Age: 55

Occupation: Student and volunteer, currently on the Ontario Disability Support Program

Neighbourhood: St. Jamestown

My last mayoral vote: David Miller in 2006 and 2003.

My political identity: "Left-of-centre."

My top issue: Improvements to Toronto Community Housing and city shelters

Connie Harrison says with a laugh that she knows she's not a typical Rob Ford supporter.

( Actually, I think she is a fairly typical Ford supporter. )

A mother of three grown children, including a severely autistic son, Ms. Harrison is a part-Aboriginal cancer survivor who lives in a social-housing tower in the blighted St. Jamestown projects north of Cabbagetown.

"In other words, she benefits from precisely the kind of public programs that could fall under the axe in a Ford administration."

"The fact that he lied to a newspaper about a marijuana bust before admitting to a news conference that he "forgot" he had a joint in his pocket because he was actually pulled over for drunk driving in Florida 11 years ago doesn't bother her."

"He is every one of us. When we set people up to impossible standards, who are you going to get? You're going to get somebody completely phony and fake." ( Hm? How is that an impossible standard? Maybe to Connie it is. Shows what kind of people she hangs around with. It really is not that hard to not act like Ford or Connie. )