Kenn Hale

Legal Director of the Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario, who has profited off of tenants for over 30 years

He has also had great involvement in FMTA. Read here and especially here

Married to Barb Hurd.


In February 2016 Hale was at the UN review of Canada's human rights situation in Geneva. He took along a token former "homeless person" Mike Creek. Creek is said to have learned to make a good living working with poverty pimps. He should be ashamed of himself, but then what else can he do to make a decent income.

( If there was a GLI he could tell Hale and everyone like him to fuck off, couldn't he? One reason why most of these poverty pimp types are so opoosed to GLI )

It seems that all the best heeled poverty pimp groups are now going to the UN to talk about human rights and the inability to get them enforced through the courts. Enforcing human rights through the courts will make lots of money for lawyers, which Hale and many poverty pimps are. It will not actually get much new 'Human Rights"-ness for homeless Canadians. Judges tend to be very conservative. Contrary to the idea the U.N. "rapporteurs", human rights can only really be gained and maintained by political processes.

Reporting to the UN on that would be better done by people with some actual experiences of poverty, without the 'guidance' of professional activists and apparatchiks like Hale. That was what more or less happened until social rights and international obligations became chique among the Canadian fake left.