picture of leslie

Professor Leslie Wood

File opened January 2014. She is a professor at York. She is apparently married to MacDonald Scott and is on the executive of OCAP and the "New Socialists". Below is a blurb written about her;

Lesley Wood is interested in helping more people stay engaged in revolutionary work as they exit their early 20s. She's been rabble rousing since the 1980s in a wide variety of movements. She tries not to take herself too seriously.

No one legitimately does "revolutionary work". Those who do are usually fools or creeps or covering criminal activities. When the mass of people are ready for a revolution, they will choose their leaders. People who oppoint themselves as revolutionists with the right to decide when revolution happens and how, are an impediment to the real class struggles and a danger to people who try to engage in legitimate democracy building activities. They need to be strongly discouraged.

This includes Professor Wood's husband, another of Marx's bastards.