Created September 10, 2012

Time to open a "Cause Pimps" file on Lisa Leinveer.

I got an e-mail lately from somebody who had a conversation with her. She does not like me, I am informed. She says she has come up with a "solution to the Tim Rourke problem". She is with the New Socialists and the Metro Tenants.

My informant thought that this "sounded really ominous and creepy" and looked me up on the net. Lisa won't say what her solution is and he does not know if it is empty talk, "but I am sure you know her better and if it is something serious."


No, I actually have never heard of her before. But I did quick checking and yes, she is connected with the New Socialists and FMTA. These are two of the big training grounds for creepy individuals to be used by the "left" political network to attack people and cause trouble.

So this is fairly serious. These kinds of people have caused me a lot of harm in the past, and I know they have harmed a lot of people, destroyed good initiatives, stolen money from good causes. Lately they have not been able to do much to me although they keep trying.

I will continue to build information about them, exposing them and the connections between them, and digging of ever deeper into the real motivators behind all this crap. This job is easier when people who hear things like this informant did do the sensible and honourable thing and inform the target. More people now are willing to do that.

I could use more info on Leinveer. A picture is always good, but these days the creeps are careful about putting out pictures of themselves. I and others who work to expose them have driven these creeps partly underground. They still get their money to do their dirty work.

She is a "shop steward" of the union local that covers the paid staff of Federation of Metro Tenants Associations, so she is a paid staffer. I believe there are only two right now, because of a cut to their income. The other is Kelly Bentley.

CUPE 1281 union local is also an interesting institution. One way that a lot of these non profit groups are controlled by the authoritarian left is through unionized employees who can not be got rid of.

Above is a picture that is not of Lisa Leinveer. However, I am sure she resembles it in at least one way.

Below are;

A Facebook entry for Lisa, with a verrry small photo of three people, one of whom would be Lisa. It includes a push for another node in the poverty pimp network, the Wellesley institute.

CUPE 1281 page about FMTA

The home page of CUPE 1281.

And a page from the FMTA newsletter with a Lisa Leinveer article in it.