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file opened january 2014

MacDonald Scott

Mac Scott, Executive member of No One Is Illegal, and immigration consultant. He is apparently married to York University Professor Lindsey Wood, also involved in "revolutionary wannabe" organizations.

Scott is also involved in OCAP. He had to move to the states for several years after an arrest warrant was issued on him over something he did at one of the "Days of Rage" during the Harris era. He seems to have just spray painted some buildings, and the charges were excessive. However, what he did was stupid, putting other people at risk and directing attention away from the real aim of the action.

In recent years he is noted for confronting people attempting to film OCAP actions and being very nasty. He is the ultimate "wannabe revolutionary". He and the fools he is involved with have appointed themselves as the leaders of the "proletariate". The proletariate usually have sense to tell them to get lost.

That he has set himself up as an "imigration consultant" is of concern. That is a big conflict of interest. As well, there is no regulation of imigration consultants. If you need an imigration consultant Scott is the last person you should engage. But many recent immigrants would not know who they are getting invovled with.