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No One Is Illegal

January 2014.

It is time "No One is Illegal" was added to the causepimps site. Some describe this group as anarchists and others as Marxist. They seem to be a creation of the "International Socialists" meaning Trotsky or fourth international people, in the same way that OCAP is a front of the "New Socialist" group.

I cannot sort all these "left" groups out and do not try very hard. There is some cross over of membership between the groups. There is not really much difference between any of them. All of these groups publicly distain the NDP and the unions, but their members are usually members of one or both. They are clearly used as attack dogs for elements within the NDP and unions, and sometimes even the Liberals.

The group has been around now for ten years. I was present at their first couple of meetings where various community groups got together to discuss what to do about the growing number of illegal immigrants living underground in Toronto. The group was quickly taken over by the usual thuggish professional revolutionary types.

The name "No One Is Illegal" was adopted, which is a tautology. Nobody says that any person is illegal, except as a flaw of grammar, but people who are in the country illegally are in the country illegally. Two types of people move to another country and try to live underground; creeps who think rules do not apply to them, and people who think they are worthless and will allow themselves to be moved around like cattle. These are not people you need in a democracy.

Originally, NOII got a lot of support from "Mainstream" organizations. The Catholic Church always wants more good Catholics from third world countries, who pay their ten percent, attend church, and have ten children per family. Various business concerns need more cheap and easily controlled labor. A certain political party sees immigrants as an electoral support base.

However, NOII's antics have cost them support. Early on, they were able to get city agencies, including even the police, to adopt a "don't ask, don't tell" policy regarding new immigrants. This meant that they should provide services without asking about the immigration status of the people they were providing the service to.

Having obtained that, the NOII people kept pushing; they wanted school teachers and social workers to refuse to cooperate with immigration officials, to break the law by refusing to divulge the identity of their students or clients. I think the "do not ask or tell" policy is still sporadically applied. In some circumstances it is justified.

This is the persistent pattern with groups like NOII or its older sister OCAP. They are a hard core of extremists or "vanguardists" using as cover an issue that really does need an advocate. People are drawn to them by the real need for advocacy of the issue, but are used by the core group and driven away once they started to realize what is really going on.

Thus, the big problem with groups like NOII is that real advocacy does not get done. It gets discredited. There is a real issue in the way immigrants to this country are abused. There is much that could be written about the ethics of the Canadian immigration policy but that is beyond the scope of Cause Pimps.

But nations have the right to control their borders and the uncontrolled immigration the NOII core group really advocate would not be supported even by most immigrants to Canada. To throw open the borders would lead to the collapse of the economy and the social services which all Canadians depend on, whenever they or their ancestors arrived.

This whole "open borders" thing is part of a program a world wide network of anarchist/ communist groups work for because they think it will help break down capitalism. But to a certain kind of capitalist, this would be a boon. They could get cheap, desperate labor, a break down of social cohesion which gets in their way, and scope to turn new and old residents against each other in order to maintain their dominance.

Thus, the offensive thing about NOII is not that it often employs or advocates violence. In certain cases that is well justified. A few right wing bloggers and tabloids are almost hysterical about NOII and related groups, like they are the bolsheviks about to storm the winter palace. These people are idiots and the NOII people are nowhere near that powerful, or capable of employing violence. They are fairly gutless but will try to incite others.

What really is offensive about NOII is that they are liars. They are not what they pretend to be. They pimp immigrants issues to promote causes which are of no interest to immigrants or are counter to their interests. That is why we call them cause pimps. In doing so they make it very difficult to really deal with real immigrant's issues.

As with other phony activist/advocate groups, the real solution for them is an alternative. However, recent immigrants have a hard time organizing themselves and are more vulnerable than even the impoverished class of "old Canadians" to co-optation.

Fuck NOII.