FVC toronto chapter's excuse

( This is the message the FVC executive sent to all public lists as a result of the referendum fiasco. They try to check themselves out of responsibility for Meslin but they have been enabling him by failing to remove him and prevent his toadies from running. )

Many of you recently got a message concerning the upcoming internal FVC referendum from Dave Meslin, director of the Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto (aka RaBiT).

You may not realize the majority of the Toronto Chapter executive support Option A proportional representation at all levels of government in Canada.

It is true that Mr Meslin got elected as a Toronto Chapter executive along with two other Rabit supporters. We are a democratic, membership-based organization not a private club ---so anyone may join and get elected providing they get sufficient votes under our STV electoral system. That is true of all our chapters.

The Toronto chapter executive who support Option A are all long-time members who have put feet on the ground and invested not only many hours but have put their money where their mouth is as well in supporting this organization. We all know the value of a proportional system, not only for Canada but for all levels of government.

We believe that Option B is another winner-take-all system and as such fails to improve democracy. Its implementation (even at a limited level in our largest city, Toronto) will not only jeopardize the substantial support of long time FVC supporters but will seriously undermine the progress toward a proportional system in Canada.

Some regard the peccadilloes of Toronto as a national source of entertainment but despite the failures of our current system in giving Torontonians good governance, everyone should be concerned that 10% of Canadians live here and not only vote municipally but federally as well.

Establishment of Alternative Vote in Canadas largest city and sixth largest jurisdiction is cause for concern for those who want PR. I like to say: Unlike Vegas, what happens in TO, does not stay in TO.

Despite their recent votes in favour of AV, the Liberal party is on the verge of opening those closed minds, and we are on the threshold of getting PR. If we can go forward with a clear and focused message, rather than go off the rails endorsing a winner take all system that will lead to a stalemate, we can be a serious force to help PR win in 2015.

So join the majority of the Toronto Chapter executive and Vote Option A.Lets keep Fair Vote focused on proportional representation and send a strong message to RaBIT: PR, not AV.