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Stuart Parker says; I have had enough! Posted April 10, 2013

Hey Guys!


Aren't you tired of Dave Meslin's faux enthusiasm on this list while he privately sends threatening correspondence to longtime FVC activists full of obscenities and threats? I know I am!


I've been reluctant to go nuclear here but I've finally had enough. What many people on this list don't realize is the extent to which we are being attacked by RaBIT on a daily basis.


While there are a number of things RaBIT have done that are currently subject to confidential negotiations, let me give you guys a list of some of the antics we've been dealing with:

- RaBIT has approached members of the advisory board and encouraged them to publicly quit FVC or threaten to do so unless we rescind key decisions

- RaBIT has conducted a national media campaign in which they have falsely claimed that Desmond, Dave and Katherine have been "expelled" from the FVC membership and "banned" from FVC meetings

- RaBIT has individually approached a majority of FVC national councilors threatening to make them personally subject of a lawsuit if we don't do what they want

- RaBIT has orchestrated a publicity campaign against FVC via the National Post and key social media sites, including a number of Liberal Party bloggers and the Spacing web site; in their social media campaign, Desmond and Dave have argued that Desmond's alleged "ban" and "expulsion" are due to the racism of Fair Vote Canada members

- RaBIT organizers sent formal correspondence to National Council threatening to sue us if we do not capitulate to their demands, correspondence they have also forwarded to the Huffington Post among other outside interests


I have fought four referendum campaigns for Fair Voting in this country between 1996 and 2009. I have never faced tactics like this from any NO campaign I've stared down. I ran the lawn sign campaign for the 2007 Ontario campaign; I sat on the steering committee and served as an official spokesperson in the 2005 and 2009 referenda; I was the proponent of the first referendum on PR in the 1996 Vancouver municipal election. No actions by Andrea Reimer, Don Boudria, David Schreck, Bill Tieleman, Carmela Alevato or anyone else compare to the ugly and shameful tactics we are seeing in Toronto today.


I wish I could go into all the stuff board confidentiality prohibits me from saying. Let me just add that this is just the tip of the iceberg; directors of FVC and FVT have more than sufficient information to show a systematic campaign that actually meets the criteria of the Criminal Code of Canada offense, Extortion by Libel.


Because the RaBIT campaign of intimidation and harassment has caused half our board to resign in the past year, I am unable to muster the votes necessary to take the actions I feel we must take in order to rid ourselves of this menace; indeed, our board teeters on the edge of having no quorum at all. My fellow National Councilors are absolutely punch drunk from this interminable conflict and, in my view, entertaining unrealistic and false beliefs about the possibility of any accommodation with RaBIT.


So I'm going to take a page from RaBIT's book and urge you to contact the remaining FVC National Councilors and demand that we recognize RaBIT for what it is: a hostile outside group whose leaders must be excised from this organization before they either control us through fear or destroy us. I am increasingly convinced that the fate of our movement is on the line, not in that I think we will lose the ability to advocate PR but in that FVC's democratic system of self-government will be replaced by a small cadre ordering us to do what they say or suffer further harassment and defamation.  

Attached, please find the two articles I've removed from my personal blog, which you have previously read. ( He is right, you have already read them- the editor)


In a style hybridizing the best of John Deverell and Joe Murray, I'll sign off,


Yours against bullshit and for fair voting,


Stuart Parker, PhD

Leader, BC Green Party 1993-2000

Founding Vice President BC Electoral Change Coalition, 1996-2000

Proponent, YES to Proportional Representation, 1996

Director, Fair Voting BC, 1999-2009, 2012-present

Co-chair, BC NDP Electoral Reform Committee, 2001-04

Steering Committee Member, YES to STV, 2005, 2009

Director, Fair Vote Canada, 2005-07, 2013-present

Director, Fair Vote Ontario, 2006-07 Fellow, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, 2011-12

Member, Coalition of Progressive Electors Wards Committee, 2012-present

Lecturer, SFU History Department, 2012-present

Member, Citizens for Voter Equality 2013-present

Chair, Fair Vote Canada National Convention Committee, 2013-present

Lecturer, UBC Geography Department, 2013-present