Socialist Party of Ontario

June 2014

Latest tidbit of info. Somebody asked if there was a link between OCAP and the SPO. Oh, yes, it seems like there are two big Marxist groups, New Socialists and International Socialists.

It is hard to figure out just what the ideological difference is between the two. But OCAP, SPO, FMTA, among other groups are part of this "New Socialists". Here is something from SPO web site quoting OCAP. Also, dreaming in technicolor about their electoral prospects.

Update November 2013

Somebody submitted the following comments;

They only gave 3 days public notice of the AGM for the Socialist Party of Ontario which was founded by Andy Lehrer, Michael Laxer and Natalie Lochwin.


You don't think they might have been afraid of who might have shown up do you?

Another interesting page is about one of their candidates  Natalie Lochwin partner of Michael Laxer. I don't know if that means only as a business partner or also partner as in the mother of his children.

They have not updated their pages to say who is now in what positions in the party after Sunday's votes.

Their anouncment of the event included the following;


This AGM will be dedicated to party renewal, bringing new people and voices into the collective executive structure, as well as to continuing to build towards the 2014 municipal & provincial elections.

Renewal? They have been in existance two and a half years. Have they already driven everybody else off and are looking for new people?

Marxists! Tsk, tsk.

The whole thing was founded last spring (2011) by the usual Trotskyite types. It seems to be an extension of Andy Lehrer and Michael Laxer's "Ginger group".

Jason Baines is also involved, and Daniel Murton and Marque Brill. They are all people to stay away from; involved in all the quasi-criminal behaviors of opportunist fake-left groups.

No, let me rephrase that; to demand that they be kept the hell away from you.

More information about them will be forthcoming. For now, they ran five candidates in the last provincial election and lost deposits in all of them.

-The Executive of the Socialist Party of Ontario as elected May 28, 2011

  • Chairperson: Andy Lehrer
  • Spokespersons: Jan Maxwell & Michael Laxer
  • Membership Secretary: Jason Baines
  • Organizing Coordinator: Jack Forrestall
  • Treasurer: Joey Schwartz
  • Fundraising Secretary: Liz McLean
  • LGBT Coordinator: Leia Rowan Kelly
  • Women's Coordinator:Natalie Lochwin
  • Diversity Coordinator: Keith Pinto
  • Labour Coordinator: Scott Mcwhinnie
  • Here are some of the characters

    Chairperson: Andy Lehrer
    Michael Laxer
    Membership Secretary:
    Jason Baines
    Women's Coordinator:
    Natalie Lochwin
    Joey Schwartz
    Diversity Coordinator:
    Keith Pinto