St. Stephen's House

February, 2015

Below is volunteered information on St. Stephen's house. It is so depressing that people with serious personality disorders are allowed to get conrol of key positions and resources in order to abuse people. What is really needed is some sort of office within city government that keeps opportunists out of these services, but only as a stop gap.

The real problem is the lack of community level democracy. Elected neighborhood councils should be overseeing these services. But that is against the aim of the establishment in limiting democracy as much as possible, or any opportunity for people to learn self-governance.

And I have come to understand that the "left" is an even bigger cause of this form of corruption than the right wing or the "liberal" center. It is the old Victorian "settlement House" mentality; the poor are morally deficient and need to be worked on by their benevolent "betters". And how dare any of them get the idea that they know what is best for themselves!

Here is the information, from the belly of the beast;

(Plus, here are some pictures of the jokers mentioned in the information)

From: Russell Reiter

Subject: St Stephens Community House - Human Rights

Hello Theo, I had to take some time to decide if I wanted to risk further ridicule from you by raising a human rights issue at St Stephens. I decided that given the circumstances I had to act according to my conscience.

Although you have personally dismissed my human rights concerns by telling me I was not your lawyer and then refusing to engage me in that matter of human rights, I feel the current  circumstances warrant my attempting, once again, to have St Stephens staff understand appropriate boundaries in their own personal conduct.

As I had to go to Divisional Court to stop St Stephens staff from harassing me when I'm not at St Stephens property, I am very much disadvantaged when I raise issues at the Drop In. Now I'm forced to raise this issue with you regarding appropriate staff conduct as while they are approaching two people engaged in personal conversation in the Drop In.

First I will illustrate a proper approach, which I did see at the Drop In yesterday. Then I will illustrate an unacceptable approach which I experienced the day before. This was at the time you asked me about the Member Advocacy Committee.

Yesterday the woman with the clipboard who was going around asking questions approached Mike Narrine and my table while we were deeply involved in a conversation about public affairs. She waited to be acknowledged by us, which we did not do, because we were busy and when she was not addressed by us she left us alone, as someone with empathy and understanding would do under those circumstances.

Contrast that with Helen Armstrong's behaviour of constantly interrupting Kevin and I while we were in a personal conversation just before the meeting in the small room which you Helen, Kevin and I were in before a meeting the day before.

Kevin and I were taking about a personal situation which was troubling him and we talked about cell telephones, Helen interrupted us to ask questions. We tried to carry on, but a few more interjections by her culminated with her asking Kevin to go get plates for some food she had brought with her.

As we were going for the plates Kevin wondered why he was doing this because he couldn't go into the kitchen. I asked him if he had WHIMIS training, he said yes but he had to stand there by the coffee machine, like Helen could have, and ask some kitchen sfaff for the plates because he isn't allowed in the kitchen.

Attached here are my notes from the formation of the MAC. I don't participate with abusive people in abusive process's sub rosa. I am transparent and use fair process, like this one asking for accommodation of human rights.

Abuse of dominance and Ableisim are real things Theo. You, and by you I mean the people who are on staff at St Stephens Community House, are so lacking in knowledge, understanding, skills and empathy, I'm ashamed for you and afraid for others.


R. Russell Reiter

My reply

So,  I assume you would like me to open a folder on St. Stephen's house and put this in? I could also add it to the Helen Armstrong folder. tr

Further information

Yes thanks. I made the MACdaddy blog in order to record the pimps of poverty I personally experienced. I just made the PDF copy to send to you in case the blog site disappears. Not too paranoid am I eh.

I stopped making blog entries as soon as I identified my gangstalkers tools as Robin Griller and Helen Armstrong. It didn't take the Agency all that long after the Knowledge Is Power course to co-opt those resources.

I reviewed your site and I think perhaps you would understand what it means to be gaslighted, gangstalked and threatened by these people. I can't ride a bike anywhere in Toronto, it gets vandalized too often.

Mark Wilson the MAC liason staff from St Stephens, soon elected employment elsewhere. Apparently he has a conscience.

Theo Prociw was one of the first stalkers hired somewhere around 2004/5 to do bicycle outreach work and corral the poor addicts into coming to the Corner Drop In. He was transferred to another Agency, give or take a year after Robin Griller was moved out of the Agency at the end of 2011. I think Theo was probably induced to move to another Agency 2012 after St Stephens received notice and court proceedings resumed, I can't remember the date they moved Theo back from Agincourt.

Regendanz went on medical leave in October 2011 around the time the Agency got notice of a human rights complaint. Bill Sinclair was elevated to Interim ED at that time.

Under Griller's watch, St Stephens moved a doctor and a psychiatrist to the Drop In. They are available for consultation to stream "voluntary trustee's" into the ODSP program.

Former St Stephens staff Stephanie now works at ODSP.

Soon after 260 Augusta opened in 2002, the Agency,  before they labelled their voluntary trustee program as "harm reduction," staff Ole Hanson procured native tobacco for trustee clients which was distributed from within the Drop In.

Alcohol distribution outside of licensed hours has since followed. Manual Garcia took over tobacco distribution until he was retired a year or so ago. I don't know who handles Alcohol distribution in the Drop In. I imagine since Kevin made a direct complaint about that illegal distribution of alcohol at a so called "town hall" meeting, there are outside agents handling alcohol and tobacco at that agency now.

I personally witnessed St Stephens Odette place resident and part time staff John Shields, (now in the union) Cory (now relocated) and Thandy (now relocated) harass Theresa Russell on the street across from the Drop In on the day she OD' on Alcohol provided to her by TCAT staff. Theresa went to the hospital after collapsing inside the Drop In.

I know Theresa got the alcohol from St Stephens because I have witnessed staff loading boxes of sherry from the LCBO into the drop in from a cab one day. It's Theresa's brand because I see what she drinks in public, I know she is barred from some of the LCBO's in the city, as are a lot of TCAT clients. Perhaps they are barred from all of them.

It's such a shame charities like this can stay employed themselves, or even worse campaign to get more money for the Agency to employ people just as callous and uncaring as them.

The devil take the hindmost as these ghouls craft reputations and climb over the body's of the disenfranchised and dead. What is one client suicide at Odette place, or one stabbing or pistol whipping at the youth arcade?

Those harms are the canary in the coal mine of St Stephens and TCAT practices under false flag "harm reduction."

Probably the most disturbing thing about attending at St Stephens Community House after 2010 was their recruitment of at risk youth for auditions for so called drama studies at the Blue Alien building across the street from the Agency. Now that the director of children services has left the Agency, concurrent with Liane Regendanz, my question is. How many staff at St Stephens have relatives in the video biz, social media biz, or any other publicity biz which are able to and do exploit the vulnerable; children or others.

...and it looks like the trouble is ongoing

A running narrative from this victim of gangstalking

... here's how my gangstalkers operated on me the last couple of days.

A couple of days ago I went into the Drop In and sat down at a table which was covered with papers, I brought up a chair next to a clean cut healthy looking guy. I started talking to my friend who also brought a chair up to the table. A few minutes later another guy sat down at the table. Not so healthy looking wearing dark glasses but he eventually took them off to read the papers. He started talking to the healthy looking guy and opened up the pages to the obituaries and pointed to a picture and said oh look to die so young. When the guy took off his glasses I recognized his bearing as one of the old school mules who had threatened me with a hot shot.

He was that day partnered with the healthy looking guy who claimed to be from the neighbourhood but didn't know enough about it to be telling the truth.

This dented my confidence when that day I also saw Geordie walking to his job fixing up the old Zimmermans.

Today was a whole new ball of wax. The place was seething with them. I showed a couple of them the math and cloud poetry I wrote. This piqued their interest and they piped me for information so I bit the hook. By the end of the morning, I got more faux gang behaviour from the dreadlocked doorman as he told me story about being beaten up and left in a dumpster.

When I was walking home one of them got out of a car across from cafe Acorena and as I passed him by goodbye was all he said.

I know a neural network of evil when I see one. Tree whigger's are gangstalkers.

I treat each email as if it is my epitaph.