Lehrer and ARA

Somebody sent in some stuff about Lehrer and his activities with Anti racist Action. That group seems to have dissapeared up its ass in recent years, due to police pressure, in this case very justified.

There were two problems with it; one was that neo nazis these days are not such a big threat. they are yesterday's villains. There are much worse groups of haters to worry about. The power of this Ernst Zundel group was always much exagerated. I heard from an alternative investigative reporter awhile back that they could easily hold a meeting in the kitchen of a small apartment. This is likely why they were attacked so ferociously; unlike the more powerful groups of haters referred to above, they had little means or brains with which to fight back.

The other problem with ARA is that it became a means for political attack dogs to go after people marked out as enemies. I have heard that Lehrer was a primary source of false intelligence to ARA about who was a racist who should be attacked. Many were just people who somebody wanted attacked; somebody within the radical left attack machine within which Lehrer is an operative.

We are told that Lehrer really does not like having his picture publicized, and especially of him being arrested at the Jack Astor brouhaha back in 2004. That is a pretty good reason to put it up. He is the type who will try to incite violence against others while remaining in the shadows, and is terrified when the light is shone on him.