Andy Lehrer

Andy Lehrer aka Andre Bratu

The person most people in Toronto encounter as Andy Lehrer used to be known for 3 decades as Andre Robert Bratu.

Who is the real Andre Robert Bratu Lehrer / Andy Lehrer? Between his insincere extreme flattery of people even those he has never met before, the back biting when you aren't around, and the attacks of those who do not fall for his manipulation, the picture is finally becoming clearer.

He changed his name the week of September 15, 2000, from Andre Robert Bratu to Andre Robert Bratu Lehrer, but goes by the name Andy Lehrer according to the official Government of Ontario record in the Ontario Gazette of the name change, though Andy/Andre still uses the names interchangeably depending on whom he is dealing with.

Who was Andre Robert Bratu?

That was Andy's birth name born to Paula Bratu originally of Scarborough. He is believed to have been born on October 27, 1968 .

Andre Bratu as a young adult was mostly known in Toronto for his activities with 2 groups, Anti-Racist Action, ARA, and with the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal movement.

In the early 1990's Andre gets involved with the local Toronto Free Mamia Abu-Jamal group. He is now living with his mother on North York's Hounslow Avenue home. At the beginning of June 1990, he gets arrested at their protest outside of the ROM, but as usual his charges are dropped, but not most of the others. After all the repeated raids and arrests since he joined, the activists get suspicious and kick him out of the group.

Mick from ARA blames Andre-Andy for the breakup of the original group citing that Andy insisted on being their researcher but about 1/3 of the people he claimed were neo-Nazis and sent ARA after were anything but, they were only Andy's personal enemies. ARA is known for assaulting people, often with weapons whom they deemed to be racists or neo-Nazis. Andre, now known as Andy is much happier with the new ARA run by Shane Martinez, because Andy says Shane doesn't "hold back" like the old ARA did!.

In the mid-1990's, Andre boasts he is being sent to Kingston to enroll at Queen's University and it is all going to be paid for by the Canadian Federation of Students. He does find he needs more money for the standard of living he expects so he works part time as a taxi cab driver. One of Andre's first actions as a Queen's University student is to start a $500,000 lawsuit against the OUSA student union to bring it down to allow a CFS takeover. See campaign against OUSA.

Andy Bratu signs up to run for a seat on the Kingston Public School Board in Districts 2, 3 and 4, but it is announced in the Kingston Whig - Standard. Kingston October 11, 1997, that he has withdrawn his name, See the news story: Nominations close: Foster acclaimed councillor in District 12; by Christine Brousseau.

Now he calls himself Andy Lehrer

After the September 2000, name change to Andre Robert Bratu Lehrer, the brand new Andy Lehrer, runs in Kingston municipal politics for the office of Councillor for District 7. Julie White, Kingston This Week, updated Oct 27, 2000 @ 2PM. "Andy Lehrer, a Montreal Street resident, is undertaking his first foray into politics..." No it is his second, only the first under his new name, and he fails miserably.

Andy comes back to Toronto, to live with his mother in their exclusive Bay Street condo as the Toronto head of Socialist Alternative, a Trotskyite group. August 25, 1998 he even uses his old name to fight to keep down the taxes on the condo, under "Owner-Occupied Condominiums", "Andre Bratu, requesting that Toronto City Council and the Province work towards rectifying the increase in property tax for his condominium".

Andy is quite at home back in Toronto, with his new name, and his past history, contacts and suspicions about him being a paid operative for the authorities against the Mumia organizers all forgotten.

Creating a new history of himself

With his only gainful employment in thirty years being in Kingston as a taxicab driver, if you don't include the tuition paid for by the CFS for breaking the encumbent student organization or any money he may have received in Toronto from the Intelligence Squad, Andre/Andy has to find work and create a new narrative for himself.

Andy gets a part time contract at George Brown assisting disabled students < but the contract isn't renewed, because Andy is up to his old tricks of setting people against each others in the hopes of securing power and a full time position for himself. Almost a decade later Andy is still using the narrative that he helps disabled students, though he only did that for a year a long time ago and George Brown didn't want him nor did the students.

Now Andy... Lehrer, a much more jewish sounding name than Bratu, gets involved in various anti-Israel groups like Independent Jewish Voices, Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians, and later Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.

Andy living in his tony Bay Street condominium with conceirge, under the false claim of living in the impoverished St. Jamestown neighbourhood, create the fictional St. James Town Residents Association, as a means of getting income from fake memberships. He even gets a story in NOW magazine because they don't verify his story.

Between flogging his Socialist Worker newspapers for Socialist Alternative at events, where Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations hack, and Communist Party of Canada organizer, since 1990, Howard Tessler is flogging their publication People's Voice, and their meeting up at Communist Party of Canada meetings and both trying to get funding from pimping the story of the poor people of St. Jamestown. The 2 likeminded people get connected and Andy gets interested in the FMTA, becoming its Co-Chair in 2009. At first Howard said Andy was his "perfect weapon" calling Andy a "sociopath".

Andy even got another job this time at Seneca College, thanks to his Socialist Party of Ontario cohort Andrew Klochek's father who teaches there, but even that connection could not get his contract renewed with all the chaos Andy created between the personel.

More Disruption

Ontario Health Coalition

Andy was certain the OHC would be his ticket to money and power. He stole most of his brilliant ideas from 2 seniors on the group and worked his way up to President on their coattails. On October 6, 2008, the OHC released the report Eroding Public Medicare. As President of the OHC, Andy did some minor editing of the report, which included thanking himself first as a "researcher" on the report when he was not at all involved in the detailed work. The Ontario Federation of Labour, the group behind the OHC, had enough, and not to cause a scandal to reveal Lehrer' fraud, pushed Andy out the door, but Andy still markets himself as a "reseacher" using this report.

Ontario Tenants

Howard Tessler of the Federation of Metro Tenants Associations, brought Andy onto the board of the group in 2008, only for Andy to maneuver himself to Co-chair. Tessler worried that the person he calls a "sociopath" and a "great weapon" was going to take over the group. In an effort to redirect him, Tessler got him to target a disabled man involved in tenant issues for about a 1/4 century who runs the most popular tenant website in Canada saying that Andy could easily harass him into giving up over a decades worth of work to them. Whether or not Tessler came up with the idea, Andy has been getting more people involved by saying he has $1/4 million in grants lined up if he can get control of the website and if others will help they will get great paying jobs for getting involved in the harassment. With foolish people desperate for money one can bet he has found little problems getting more involved in the scheme. They drove that tenant webmaster off of Facebook and it looks like the guy is going to wimp out after years of harassment and sell his website to put an end to all the problems. Andy is certain that this is an easy way to fame and fortune - taking over someone else's work, just as he did at the OHC.


There is no better way to destroy any organization that to let Andy get involved. CKLN radio, funded to the tune of $300,000 a year by an unaware student body with the full support of Andy's friends at the Canadian Fedeation of Student, was no exception.

Rather than recount the whole story of CKLN board Secretary Andy Lehrer and his OCAP friends takeover of the board just visit The Real CKLN Story for more on how they destroyed the radio station and stripped it of all its assets.

No One Is Illegal Toronto

Andy pushed for the creation of a Roma Sanctuary Committee. He promised a network of churches and safe houses to provide sanctuary to 10,000 Roma refugees to keep them hidden from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, but most of his efforts went towards fundraising for this cause. What if any money was raised and where it all went is anybody's guess or was it all talk and no action out of Andy? Unless Andy/Andre Bratu Lehrer gets others to do all the work, little ever gets accomplished other than talk and disruption.

Who's Next?

Who Andy will target next is anybody's guess. But any nonprofit group with substantial grants and a weak board of directors is his next potential victim. It doesn't seem to matter what the issue is, if he can profit off of someone else's work or money he is likely to try. Rather than go after the Shell Oils or Royal Bank's of the world, Andy prefers easy targets, the dying, unaware students, the disabled and seniors, whether it was in Toronto or Kingston.

Andy Lehrer's Aliases and Email Accounts galore

Andy boasts he can take down any opponent and has kept it up a decade in at least one case. He brags about having almost 100 email accounts he uses to file complaints, to get people's email accounts, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts cancelled and can delete anybody's links on Wikipedia and get anybody who is willing to pay their own Wikipedia page that will remain up with the help of his "socialist contacts".

If you get an email from Andy or anybody you suspect to be him or one of his supporters DO NOT RESPOND. There are 2 reasons for this. If you see a message is strange, doesn't make sense or makes false accusations, particularly accusations that you think Andy is guilty of commiting against you but he is accusing you of doing to him, he is usually blind copying the email to other people to create a fake paper trail of evidence, or to get other people to believe you are guilty of this to get them involved in helping him against you. Andy also wants a response to selectively quote and to take the headers from so he can fake postings from you. DO NOT RESPOND!

Here are some of Andy Lehrer's known email accounts and aliases: AKA Mycroft (he used this one a lot on and elsewhere until he was outed), Charles Appelbaum (used in the Canadian Jewish News), David McNair,,,,, Svetlana Kremko (the last name taken from one of the seniors at the Ontario Health Coalition), Eastmain, funwheel, David Katz, Eric Halvadee, Diana Spinosa, David Miletic or simply Miletic, 10 Ants, Driver, Steve French, Judith Mintz, Marie (supposedly a Ryerson student), Ghost of Handsome Ned, Walter Audisio, Paul, Donna, Fergus, DD, Broom, Radioheader, Very Interested, More interested than before, Helarrys, Disabuser, NewtonianGhost, Coriolis, JT, Eric, Dr, Waterfowl, Three Feet Left, Darm, Bearcat, Doctru, MorktheBork, Prawnsyscheme, Microbiologist, 718 Bot, Timetorun, Metee, 907, Guest (well that's not very creative) and Captain Swing. It makes you wonder how he keeps track of them all, but not having a real life probably makes it much easier to do.

New Narrative

Andy seeks the spotlight and to get into the media not just because he likes to be the center of attention, but to spread his new false history throughout the internet. Unfortunately with short deadlines, writers they don't investigate Andy's statements for accuracy.

Andy continues to say he works helping disabled students though that was a shortlived part time gig a long time ago. Andy uses his name on other's work on that one Ontario Health Coalition report to claim he is a researcher.

Please if you are a reporter, check the facts and check his history under his previous name too, before you put your name to something that is less than accurate, that Andy can then show to the next reporter to perpetrate this deception.

Socialist Party of Ontario

After trying to take over the Socialist Caucus of the Ontario NDP and being rebuked by Barry Weisleder, Andy decided to revisit a decade old idea, a whole new party the Socialist Party of Ontario. When Joe Flexer of the caucus died, Andy said "it was about time that old bastard croaked!" Some interesting details can be picked up from Socialist Caucus.

The idea developed into the Ginger Project which mostly met at the Library Pub on Dundas Street East where all the members would get very drunk and where some of this pages details were overheard. Andy usually does not drink there but at places on Church Street but all are a relatively short distance from his condominium residence,

Now they have their own official party, the Socialist Party of Ontario, with Andy Lehrer, as its Leader and President, though the Etobicoke address is the home of Andrew Klochek. The spokeman is Michael Laxer.

One of the most disturbing things about the old Ginger Project meetings was one where after each had a few too many beers Laxer was talking about Lehrer being their most valuable asset because he is a "master manipulator" to which a slurring Lehrer said "Goebbels was an amateur compared to me" a disturbing thing to be proud of. Lehrer went on about crushing "that fucking "gimp" and how his tenant website would fund their party and how those "2 old bitches at the OHC were going to pay". These people sure can't handle their beer.


Andy has been very effective with the help of Michael Laxer in getting any pages critical of him taken out of Google's index of web pages. How they do it is to take pictures from those sites put them up on Michael Laxer's Facebook page and then make false claims they own the copyright and the other site is in violation of that. Sometimes the pictures are public domain, sometimes they are owned by a third party like the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, some were taken by a visitor to the Library Pub when The Ginger Project's public meetings were being held, but Andy gets Michael Laxer to perjure himself as he like to always get others to take the risks for him.

Another example of manipulating others to take the risks for him, was the two women he got to make and second his motion to decharter CKLN so he could never get the blame. Of course the big question for Ryerson students should be, what happened to all the assets the students paid for over decades? If there was a Ryerson Student Union that looked out for the students and not the CFS, they would be suing CKLN's last board of directors for those assets.

Andy loves to get into irrelevant stories on cell phones and other issues not only to plant false information about "working with disabled students" or other ancient, inaccurate or falsified history, but also to create more internet pages about himself to bury all of his negative history. He joins lots of websites doing little to nothing on them only to create more empty pages to further bury the pages with his real history.

More information needed

There certainly is a lot more of Andy's history to be revealed.

For now the greatest need is on his cohorts, Jason Baines, the mysterious Flipper Dipper/Wright Percy, Andrew Klochek and the board members of the last 2 years of CKLN.

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