Handy Andy threatens to sue the author of these pages (again)

This is getting to be quite a soap opera. We all wish that one of these days Lehrer will finally forget about whatever he thinks he is trying to do. I think he wants to be a "revolutionary". He should find something useful to do with his life and all this maniacal energy, and leave people alone.

I am not intimidated by his law suit. In fact I am posting his statement of claim. And while looking around in old files, I came upon some stuff which really should be on this web page, but got forgotten somehow. It will be a useful complement to any defense I may need to make.

Lehrer's statement of claim

Here is some interesting background about Lehrer's relationship with the NDP. Written by "CKLN insider".

Here is a "transparency report" from google, very interesting. ARA is still in business and being a copyright troll these days. What on these pages does ARA Toronto think it has a copyright on? Wouldn't be a picture of old member Lehrer, would it?

What is interesting about this snippet from "Genuine Witty" is that Lehrer is confrmed to use the pseudonym "Abba Kovner". He used it to make a threat against somebody. I have also received some nasty e-mail from Abba Kovner, who clearly knows qute a bit about me. Compare it with this more recent one. And just lately,this. Guesses as to who "our freind" is supposed to be? If someone is paying Lehrer to take down my web site they are sure not getting value for their money.

I spend little time reading blogs and even less posting coments about them. I look askance at those who have nothing better to do with their time. But here are a couple of samples which were forwarded to me, which say something about the relationships between Lehrer, other net trolls, and people of the far left or right in Toronto. This first one shows what Lehrer's reputation is and how broad. The second one reveals that such people as OCAP chief John Clarke and local NDP MPP Peter Tabuns have negative opinions of Lehrer, and how obsessed Lehrer is to supress the truth about himself. I think this "TR" is supposed to be me, but of course it is not.

To conclude, here is one more picture of Lehrer . I wonder if it is "copyrighted". xxx

by; Tim Rourke, enemy of cause pimps and cyberbullies.

Update Sept 8; the blog comment of my web hoster. Alas, to keep them out of further trouble, I a moving my "stream of consciousness" offshore again.