Andy Lehrer do we really need another picture of lehrer?

Andy Lehrer

March 16; Here is an excerpt from a recent correspondance about
Lehrer and OCAP leader John Clarke

January 2016; why this page is back up on the net

My "contingent" page about Lehrer, inviting him to "leaf" everyone else alone.

(My sole posting about him for six months from June 2015)

Handy Andy threatens to sue me again

June, 2014. Lehrer's "Google plus" circles

April 27, 2014. Amusing encounter with "Fat Bastard"

Nov 26, 2013; Another dope gets intimidated by Lehrer

OCT 17, 2013. Somebody abroad looking for info about Lehrer. He is running some scam about old TV shows.

Oct 4, 2013; Out of the memory hole; Lehrer under alias Bratu lobbied city to reduce his taxes in 1998

Oct. 14, 2012. Info on Lehrers attempts to attack this web site.

Sept 30, 2012; some info about Lehrer and ARA

New, anonymous contribution about Lehrer

Update June 2012

Latest about Lehrer is that he is a Forex trader. It is hard to know what to make of that. It is an ironic think for a dedicated communist to be invovled in. Forex is the foreign exchange currency trading system, the largest speculative market in the world, with three trillion a year in turnover.

As in all speculative markets, the small players always lose, the big ones make money. It is unlikely Lehrer is trying to succeed as a trader. Even he is not that dumb. Is he working as some sort of tout or bird dog? Curious.

He is also on Toronto Social Group. He seems to need some new freinds.

older news about Lehrer

Andy Lehrer was the Co-chair of FMTA board of directors but withdrew from that position saying it was necessary so the FMTA wouldn't be found responsible for what he is going to do but continues to attend FMTA meetings and is very active with them.

Andy Lehrer has been, likely still is, the leader of the the Canadian branch of Socialist Alternative, a Trotskyite communist group, the Canadian branch of which is listed as at his exclusive luxury Bay Street condo address.

He headed up the group that took over CKLN, Ryerson student radio, to use as their power base. He wanted to give a very large timeslot on CKLN to FMTA and other extremist groups.

Andy Lehrer claims to be the representative for the poor people of St. Jamestown as, "Andy Lehrer, spokesperson for the St. James Town Residents Association" according to the May 17-24, 2007 edition of Now Weekly, even though Andy Lehrer the proud communist lives in an expensive bourgeois Bay Street Condominium and not in the poor St. Jamestown community. The other person who represents this non-existant group is fellow well-to-do Trotskyite Jason Baines. As well, he is now closely associated with Daniel Murton, a resident of St. Jamestown.

He is also a founder of the Socialist Party of Ontario, which has been around since last May 2011.


Lehrer says with his hundreds of email aliases he is able to get anybody kicked off and manipulate content on Facebook, Wikipedia and ODP or make so many complaints he can get most people's email accounts cancelled. His known aliases include Eastmain,, funwheel, Ckatz, Eric Halvadee, George Elser, Diana Spinosa, Miletic, 10 Ants, Driver and Steve French. He also gets his friends such as Marque Brill (the OCAP webmaster) Jason Baines and Michael Laxer involved in these internet harassment campaigns.

Andy Lehrer has also been involved in groups such as the Ginger Project, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, Independent Jewish Voices and Not In My Name.

He doesn't like the truth being told about him. He got google to deindex this page; the first pimp to manage to do so. Michael Laxer helped him do it; they made a bogus claim of "copyright violation" You can see their fake claim here


Should we complain to google? Anyone hitting Andy Lehrer" and "pimp" can find this page due to cross links with other pimps pages. The truth will come through despite all the efforts of the liars to throttle it.

More people are truth telling about this kingpin cause pimp bully. Here is a blog produced by "CKLN insider, with many useful insights.

But to top it all off, Lehrer is now actually advertising his services to attack other people's web sites. His expertise at this is really quite limited. He has tried very hard to take out the pages of the owner of this site, but has been only a minor irritant, easily worked around. Read his ad here.

Somebody did a funny cartoon of Lehrer.


The cartoon is of a character Eric Cartman from the South Park TV program. He is 8 years old like most of the characters but he is known for being absolutely abnoxious, bossy and manipulative. Cartman's face was replaced by the face of you know who from this site.

Because of the way this guy attacks other people, I have no problem with putting this kind of stuff up. Keep it coming.

Lehrer's efforts to attack this site

Here is the cancelled court case. He even came to my door to serve the writ to start the case. I was not intimidated by that so he had to forget about it. Even in this screwed up legal system, you can't sue somebody for twelling the truth about you.

He is still snivelling to Google. This is no longer effective for him either. Eventually, Google learns who copyright bullies are and stops responding.

Another dope intimidated by Lehrer

I got the following message the other day from one of these anonymous posters.

Greg Renouf of has taken down everything relating to Andy Lehrer because of a lawsuit against him.He made a comment about it but took even that down and won't talk about it, but I think he was blaming the lawsuit on that you posted

I did find archives of some of the things but I don't know if that stuff will come down too or how much more there was.

[a lot of links to "Chilling effects" deleted.]

You are the only person who isn't intimidated by these bullies.

I wrote this in reply and it is worth passing on;

It depresses me that so many intelligent people are intimidated by law suits. Lehrer has brought a law suit against me twice now. I just do not respond and eventually it gets dropped because he does not follow up. I remember one person from the CKLN debacle who got destroyed by Lehrer because he was stupid enough to hire a lawyer. The Lawyer and Lehrer were in an automatic collusion to bankrupt him.

Besides, the stuff on Renouf's page is of limited interest to me because Renouf himself has little credibility. He is too right wing.


I could add about Renouf that he is another incompetent power tripper who thinks I should be working for him. When he sees that I am not going to be his bidding he decides he cannot trust me.

The aim of this site is not to carry on any agenda or vendetta but to warn people about who to avoid before they get hurt. A problem with Lehrer is his constant efort to knock my pages on him off google, but plenty of people are still finding him. He is one of the most visited pages on Cause Pimps.

And there are better search engines these days than google

Recent adventure with Lehrer; should amuse those who know him.

I should have put this up sooner. It happened back in March. I tried to hold a meeting at the 519 Church center to see if I could get some people together to help organize things around a BI meeting in Montreal in June. Nobody showed up.

I was just about to call it quits and leave when Lehrer walked in the door. He started giving me the usual routine, how I am a big coward, am I really tough in person like on the net, he is going to sue me, I do not understand that I am being manipulated by these people who are feeding me information. Try every button and see if something worked.

I do not even know any of the people he cited as manipulating me. He can sue me to his hearts content. I am not stupid enough to engage lawyers. When he served me with papers before I just ignored them and eventually the case was dismissed for lack of prosecution.

So I started heading for the elevator. He followed. I was not getting on the elevator with "fat bastard". He tried to block me from getting out of the elevator. I went down the stairs but I realized I was on the fire exit and ended up at the back door of the 519 center.

There was no way back in and we were in a dark fenced in area. The only way out of it was this gate that was left open just enough for someone to wriggle through. So I tried that and was just able to get through it. I went around the corner toward the front of the building. Behind me in the dark I could hear Lehrer grunting and swearing as he tried and failed to get through the gap.

That was a hoot! I am sure some people familiar with "fat bastard" Lehrer will love this story. I am skinnier than fat bastard, which makes me feel much better. I wonder how long he was stuck back there in the cold and dark?

I told the front desk what had happened and asked their basic policy about this sort of thing. The Fags understand what harassment is about; they get it. There was no point making a complaint about Lehrer at that point, as the meeting never happened. But unlike some venues where they give an attitude of "settle it among yourselves, we don't want to be involved", somebody who crashes a meeting where he or she is not welcome will go out of 519 Church like quick.

I did not tell them that he was probably still back there, trying to attract someone's attention. I did not want them to go and let him out. Haw, haw.

What if he shows up at other events where I am at? If there is a substantial crowd, he will keep his mouth shut; the people I generally hang around with do not like that kind of trouble maker. If there are only a few people, he will try to make trouble. It will depend on what kind of people are there. He might be able to sucessfully disrupt.

He is a really dangerous person, but he doesn't use violence himself. He tries to incite other people. Lately he has had a hard time finding toadies to do his dirty work.

Lehrer's google "circle"

I generally stay away from these "social media" sites. They are proliferating. But somebody sent me some interesting info about Lehrer's "circles" and it is worth passing on. Are some of these people just too dense to know who they are associating with? Or is Lehrer falsely claiming a connection to raise his own profile. At any rate, some of these people should know better.

You may find the people who signed up to be in his circle of friends on Google Plus to be interest.

Of the 97, of the radicals I noticed are:

  • Vic Natola, Federation of Metro Tenants Associations
  • Khaled Mouammar, Canadian Arab Federation
  • Tony Tracy, Canadian Labour Congress
  • Andrew Klochek, TELUS Health Transformation Services (Socialist Party of Ontario)
  • Sharmeen Khan, Federation of Metro Tenants Associations (and spokesperson for the anti-G20 protests a few years ago)
  • Graeme Bacque, OCAP
  • Michael Laxer, (Socialist Party of Ontario)
  • Barbara Warner (I believe a Legal Aid lawyer)
  • John Bonnar, Citizen Photographer
  • Paul Pighin, NDP
  • Judy Rebick

  • Excerpt from correspondance about Clarke and Lehrer relationship March 2016

    I very much doubt that there will be many in attendance but I am sure that Lehrer will try to bring a few of his old CKLN cronies and there are a few people who are against him and his old CKLN gang who are trying to get people out to counter them. He doesn't have a following anymore.

    Did you know that Lehrer was one of the first OCAP members before he and John Clarke had a falling out? That was discussed by Owen Leach at one of the CKLN meetings that Geordie Dent supervised as an "impartial moderator" though he is a friend of Lehrer's.

    Rumour, and it is only rumour, that John Clarke wants to retire if only he could get a union to give him a pension, but another factor is that he is worried that Lehrer may want to step in to fill his shoes when he goes. It's only Clarke's iron grip on OCAP that is keeping Lehrer out. With Mark Brill, Graham Bacque, Liisa Schofield, Tim Groves, Kathy Holliday and Ken Nebone among other OCAP members being big Lehrer supporters it does seem possible.

    But why would any union give Clarke a pension while as long as he heads OCAP he gets his unpaid followers to walk the picket lines when they don't have enough bodies like in the pickets they had against Porter Airlines. I assume that Clarke does this in return for union funding but if they do you can bet Clarke doesn't share any of that money with most of the poor people he gets to freeze their asses off walking those picket lines at this urging.