January 25, 2016

why this page is back

Ah, well. It is clear Dandy Andy Lehrer is not going to turn over a new leaf. He is not going to find something useful to do and stop bothering decent people. Lately he has been harassing, in his usual way, people who contributed testimony to my case book about him.

Even the contingent page, despite the handicap of being under a Swiss domain, is again on the front page of Google. It is at number five. The page put up by my somewhat less than clueful domain registrar is at number seven. That is, the one which announces that Lehrer has been victorious in a civil suit against me.

what is really going on

No, the judge did not rule anything. Ashby is barred form sitting on any case involving me, anyway. He handed the case to Andy because I was not there. I was not in court because I refuse to set foot in the small claims court, Toronto, until my personal safety can be guaranteed. You can read it over in my blog articles.

Basically, I continue to be black flagged by the filthy freemason crime organization which has control over courts in Ontario. They refuse to let me file a complete defense to Lehrer's charges. It is clearly not because of a hostility to self represented litigants because Lehrer is also self represented. This is specifically about my identity.

They ran out of other ways to try to intimidate me from continuing, so they brought in some goon "court officer" to follow me around. I could not even talk to the manager at small claims to get her to order this piece of shit to keep his distance from me. He was threatening me for trying to take his picture and so on.

All this was the day before the trial, where I was going to be demanding a delay so I could finally solve the problem of getting my defense filed. I had been going through a succession of motion hearings where the judges always seemed to change at the last minute. The hearing was held in one of these small court rooms off at the back of the place and there seemed to be no other cases there that day. Each of these judges was more rude and aggressive than the last.

what I have been up to

So I have had a lot to do. The Ombudsman's office is into making the public do 90% of their work for them before they will get off their butts. The situation in the small claims court is something that screams for a trained investigator who has full power to investigate, who cannot be called off. The Ombudsman's act gives them all the power they need, but the problem is getting them to fully use it.

So, I found the person who is responsible for the security beefs at 47 Sheppard courts. He promised to look into it and I sent him all needed information. I never heard from him again. Any time I call the security office at 47 Sheppard I get some cretin who sounds on the phone like some 16 year old high school bully punk.

He gives me the usual rogue cop lip; refuses to give his name, hangs up, blocks the call, asks me why I am swearing at him, often when I haven't actually been cussing the little shit out, or even had a chance to say anything at all, and of course, seems to know all about my case. I tracked down this supervisor to another court, where he was transferred to so suddenly, but I can't get him to return my calls.

Likewise, I can get no straight answers from the court staff, who are the target of my complaint, as to why I can get no cooperation from them. Why was the judge not told why I was not going to be here? This is done all the time, that people call in and say they have some contingency that prevents them from getting to court.

The latest addition to my list of questions for these cretins is, what happened when Dandy Andy tried to hold one of these "examination of debtor" hearings. He can't get anything out of me. Even he is not too stupid to know that. I wonder what this was supposed to achieve, besides a roll in his own shit, like a Hyena. It is interesting that the "endorsement", the judge's record of what happened, was never sent to me.

what else I have been up to

I have not followed this up as energetically as I should have would have liked to. But I am not coming after anybody. I have creeps coming after me. I am poor and ill and getting old and I should not be having to defend myself alone like this. I should not be subjected to abuse from unfit public servants who seem convinced of their utter impunity.

I have done some work on the federal election and for the Basic Income group. I have had an arthritis flareup that is limiting my ability to get around, and sometimes to work. It has been Christmas break.

Oh, yes, and I am taking some paralegal courses at a community college. It will not lead to a paralegal certificate because they have now put restrictions on. You have to do at least three courses at a time and in a particular order. You have to do them all. This renders the meaning of "part time" void.

I will take what courses I feel I need for my purposes, which are to understand the legal process better, and be better able to advocate for myself. Perhaps help other people navigate the court system, but not for money.

weighty discussions on the purpose of law

The professors have a hard time figuring me out and a couple have been a bit hostile. Especially, after I remarked in class that I was not particularly interested in making money off other people's troubles. I had them all looking at me a bit oddly there.

One of these teachers asked me what poor people were supposed to do if they needed to go to court if there were no paralegals. I told him that really poor people could not afford paralegals anyway. Plus the same problem applied to paralegals as to lawyers; that they were there to serve their own interests, not their clients.

So, he said, people should be left to defend themselves?

Yes, what is the matter with that? These are not big time courts dealing with complicated issues.

"But", he said, "people do not have the understanding of the law..."

But nothing, said I. People should not need to. Civil pleadings were supposed to have been abolished a century ago. All a plaintiff is supposed to have to do is bring a sworn statement and the relevant documents to get a case started. Why do the courts in Canada seem to have reverted back to the Dickensian age.

The whole concept of "procedural law" is a conceit of lawyers, and that cases are supposed to be decided by facts and logic, and that the laws are very simple in most cases, was too much for him.

Another professor was more frank about what the prejudice against self representation was about. He asked what all these lawyers would do for a living if judges began to work in a more "inquisitorial" way. All I could do was smile and walk away. It would have been impolitic to tell him how I felt about it, that most of these lawyers and paralegals could suck cocks for a living.

I have had one professor who would partly agree with me. I talked with him briefly about some of my experiences with the criminal system. He snapped that "95% of the lawyers in Toronto shouldn't be practicing law". He had already said this at the start of the course, which startled some of his students. I liked that professor.

in propria persona

So, contrary to what my ISP and domain registrar think, my battle with Lehrer is far from over. He has buggered up my old domain, so I had to create new names and move the site to an ISP in Switzerland.

I am a bit concerned that some slime ball lawyers will use this as a precedent to get even worse decisions effecting the right to freedom of speech on the net.

I am still on e-mailing terms with the old ISP owner. Some of my domains are still registered with him. But he is disturbed that he has had to pay out almost ten thousand dollars to a lawyer just to get himself removed from the case. I have never asked him if he ever thought of acting propria persona, for himself.

I wonder if the domain PRO-PER.CA is open? That is a little idea I have. I think that the energy and money I put into the cause pimps, now whistlefiles site, could be better used in developing a site for the promotion of judicial reform leading to a truly equal access to justice.

There is something of a movement toward that going on among legal activists and theorizers. Some people seem to have a plan to create a fairer judicial system by the year 2030. This sounds a bit to me like the plan to end child poverty in Canada by the year 2000.

It is going to encounter a lot of resistance. What are all these lawyers who should not be practicing law at all, going to do for a living? I am developing some theories of my own about such reforms, but that turns into a whole new topic for a new essay.

For now, all I can say is that the Andy page is back, and that I am going to have to break a few assholes first before I break him in court. Assholes always protect each other.

But it seems worth doing. It could bring me some money eventually. There is not much anymore that the scumbos can really do to me. With the connections I now have, I am fairly sure they will not get away with throwing me in jail again.