Dan McIntyre

FMTA chief employee from 2000 to 2010, now following the well troden path of former FMTA people as a paralegal. He gets clients funnelled to him by his connections in FMTA and the legal clinics. He has no qualifications at all as a paralegal but was accredited due to some corruption within the regulating body.

He was an NDP candidate in Ottawa in 1995. He headed the Ottawa Carleton tenant group until its funding was pulled. Then he famously pocketed the funds, tore out the office equipment, and moved to Toronto to work for FMTA.

His friend Derek Ballantyne, who had helped him get funding in Ottawa, was then head of Toronto Community Housing. Uncle Derek helped him get into a prime housing unit. He says he pays market rent for it, but this market seems to be different than the one every other private renter in Toronto inhabits.

There is information from several sources that he received a very large remuneration while working at FMTA, to provide him with some sort of pension. he has denied this. To disprove it, he can produce the books of FMTA for those years, showing where all that money went. That will not happen. FMTA has a perfect method of leaving no paper trail; they put nothing on paper.

MacIntyre is a slimey opportunist who operates in a perfect habitat for slimey opportunists. He is not someone you want representing you in any legal matter.

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