Daniel Murton

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Latest info on Murton-failed candidate ; received april 2013

Daniel Murton a long time close friend of Andy Lehrer.

Daniel Murton has been on the FMTA board for 2 years. He is the son of Connie Harrison, who ran for city council in 2006, lives in St. Jamestown, was part of the "reform TCHC" and may also be on the FMTA board.

He is busy redesigning the websites for Lehrer's Socialist Party of Ontario and for the FMTA since he is an internet, website and social media "expert." 

He was also a Ward 28 councillor candidate who withdrew running against Ms. McConnell in 2010 but says he intends on running again. He is said to think he is the St. Jamestown King in waiting.

Now, watch the fool claim to Google that his picture is copyright, as if that will prevent people from finding this page.

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this should be a picture of Murton  posing with a clown. If it isn't, sorrry.