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One commentary about Melsin sent to this web site described Meslin as; "NDP Self promoter, who will sell out to anybody who will fund him and "his projects". As is made clear in this file and in the file on RaBIT, all this is true except the NDP part. The other parties have plenty of self promoters funding there projects as well.

A quick look at Meslin's activities shows that he is really aligned with the Liberals. His big project lately has been to disrupt Fair Vote Canada from without and within, to try to neutralize it while the Liberals try to push through the odious voting system of Alternative Vote in Toronto. Stuart Parker's back ground blog and the lead article at the RaBIT folder will explain Meslin's way of operating very well.

Most of his previous projects seem to be about cross cutting initiatives from the NDP establishment. I do not say these were better initiatives. These include "Public Space Committee", which seems to have started as a campaign to pre empt the "planning Action Committee" of that time. "Who runs this city" seems to have been about finding ways to split the "left" vote in the wards of NDP affiliated councillors. His "cycling initiative" coopts the "Critical mass/I bike T.O. group.

At one time he was in the NDP and was part of this "New Politics Initiative" which seems to have been about the egos of some self important people who thought they were not being taken seriously enough. They all eventually rejoined NDP or found other networks to align with.

A background about Meslin from somebody involved in governmetnal reform of Toronto.

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received January 2013

You do know Dave Meslin used to be employed in former Ontario NDP MPP Marilyn Churley's constituency office, don'tcha?

I don't know much else about the political gladfly other than he is attracted to media camera's like a moth to a flame. He claims he created the Toronto Cyclists Union, now called Cycling Toronto, and City Idol which was supposed to highlight less known candidates in Toronto's 2006 election but only managed to get him into all the media. The City Idol website linked on every page to his own biography he wrote praising himself on another site he ran.