Derek Ballantyne

Manager of TCHC for a decade. Then went to work at Build Toronto. Before that was head of Ottawa housing. The perfect image of the worst kind of public bureaucrat; management to him is all perception management. When reality intrudes into his delusions his response is to start threatening someone, usually TCHC tenants.

Early in 2011, when Ford came into office and scandal broke about TCHC misspending, much of it during Ballentyne's tenure, Ford forced him out at Build Toronto.

Star article about Ballantyne's youtube rant over W-5 story

Ballantyne has also profiteered off his position as a social housing bureaucrat. Below is the link to an excellent Toronto Sun article about it. Basically, he bought a choice condo at a low price in a project built with public money which he had overseen as a housing manager. The conflict of interest is obvious, but the people invovled in the scheme seem to have total impunity.