Gail Nyberg

Gail Nyberg, former FMTA executive director, now getting fat as head of the Daily Bread Foodbank

Update August 2014. Nyberg is a very tall woman. She was the chair of the Toronto school board at one time. She ran into some controversy on that job. I do not recall the details now. I think she lost election and had to get a job with FMTA.

It was then that I (Tim Rourke) had a couple of character revealing run ins with her. I was at a picnic ofr sme group at Allen Gardens about 2002 to 2004. She walked up, introduced herself and challenged her to it me, standing right in my face. I just "blanked" her and walked away.

A bit later I was at a meeting where FMTA had a table and Nyberg was there. She had left the table for a moment. I went over and picked up a couple of FMTA's leaflets. I then left the venue. I got about a block away when she shouted out to me " that is stealing".

The leaflets were being handed out free. She followed me all that way. A bit creepy.

I think she left FMTA after a falling out with Hale and his clique. Most FMTA people eventually do leave that way.

Quite recently I was at a function at the food bank. They were doing a survey about FB use. I walked up and chatted a bit with Nyberg. It was like she did not recognise me and/or had forgotten all that.