Gwalgen Geordie Dent

Geordie Dent

Update January 2014

Geordie has been director of FMTA for a couple of years now. He also shows up at OCAP events and claims to be a member of that group. He seems to be involved in other "left" groups as well, often turning up as the contact to RSVP to attend meetings, and screens out whoever these networks do not like.

Involved notably in Toronto Media Cooperative and "Toronto Worker's Council".

Federation of Metro Tenants Association, Tenant Hotline Coordinator, and formerly of No One Is Illegal, Vancouver

He says that between his networking for the Federation of Tenants, No One Is Illegal, and bicycle rider groups in Toronto, plus how much press he gets, he is going to be the number one known activist in Toronto to enable him to replace Dan McIntyre soon at the FMTA.

The egos on these people leads to their cannibalistic corporatism within these controversial organizations.

Presumably because of how much heat he is taking over extremist groups and articles he has written, when journalists interview him he is now going by the name Jeordie Dent instead of Geordie Dent or Gwalgen Geordie Dent. But if you are researching him in Google, check these other variations too.