The 2010 winner; FMTA

This years recipient could only be the Federation of Metro Tenants Associations. There is plenty of information about them at They are very powerfully protected.

But with the Ford administration at city hall, looking to ferret out "gravy trains" within the city bureaucracy, this should be one of the first trains to get derailed. This might happen in the next year.

At least, they will be defunded, although they seem to be cooking up alternative sources of funding to tide them over until their friends are able to arrange more funding. One of their sugar daddies is trying to get the something called "The Law Foundation" to steer some money to them.

The best thing would be the full forensic audit people have been screaming for for ten years. As well, in investigation into laying criminal charges for some of the acts against "enemies of tenants". Once it is seen that the victims of harassment, assault, and false charges will be protected, a lot of them are likely to come forward.

As their honey pot gets more insecure, they are getting more aggressive in attacking their critics. The latest thing has been to try to get into people's homes when they are not there. Fortunately, building superintendents so far have been smart enough not to fall for the line that so and so asked me to get something for him.

This is the kind of behavior that taxpayer's money funds. FMTA is now steering money to groups like OCAP, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, and providing some OCAP hacks with employment. In return, OCAP would give FMTA new sources of thugs to go after "enemies of tenants".

So, FMTA is the prime candidate for recognition as cause pimp of 2010, and a prime candidate for recognition by the new administration in city hall.