The old CKLN is the recipient of the golden screw award for 2011. We have the problem of distinguishing it from the New CKLN which is trying to get itself started. The newies might want to change their names to avoid any association with the old.

We hope things go well for them, because a university should have its own student radio which meets the needs of students. The new setup should ensure this if they can get the frequency back from CRTC. Justly, they should be able to because the CRTCs own ditzing about the situation contributed to the problem in the first place.

The Ryerson university governance also bears responsibility for letting the situation get so far out of hand. As one participant in the conflicts stated, there was a total lack of "adult supervision" from the authorities, who instead took a "hands off" attitude. Such an attitude seldom works; a dysfunctional organization cannot be fixed from within, it requires outside intervention.

The new Ryerson radio board will be three students, three faculty, and three "community members". This should insure the needed supervision. The students are likely going to be chosen by the Ryerson student union, which is still under the control of the Trotskyite idiots from the Canadian federation of Students, let by Toby Whitfield.

The role of this Palin foundation remains curious. It owned the building in which CKLN operated and acted repeatedly for the Trotskys and against people trying to run a real radio station. It seems that one reason the Ryerson governance was unwilling to act was a fear of treading on Palin's toes. Palin seems to be an arm of Ryerson university but it is very hard to get information about it. It would seem be some sort of front for something.

The CKLN Trotskyites were protected at a very high level. Such groups always are. So one would not put it beyond possibility that appointment of the three faculty and three community members could be gamed somehow.

We will watch the situation. But it seems that those who want to create a new Ryerson radio will be able to carry on with that task in relative safety and freedom from interference.

However, the cause pimps who ruined it and hung into their honey pot to the bitter end are not deterred from their basic behavior. They never are; they just move on to the next host organism, the next honey pot.

In this case, it is the Regent Park Community Center, where they went to set up a studio and broadcast an internet radio station. It is certain that people connected with the "Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre" are in line for a thorough fucking over until they learn; if they are capable of learning.

But this media center will likely not be as lucrative or as strategic a honey pot as CKLN was. The same people are involved in various other efforts to control revenue sources, which they are also under threat of losing. Thus their other nefarious activities will be limited at least for awhile.

This is good news for everyone who would like to see community services operated by honest people who are not interfered with by creeps. However, these creeps will never go away until they can be dealt with by courts and put under restrictions. That it is impossible to do so in the present legal system.

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