Fourth annual Golden Screw award !

for 2013

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the CAUSE PIMPS web site

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The order of the golden screw

This annual award is brought into being by the people behind the cause pimps web site. It is to meet the need for a special recognition of those cause pimp groups or individuals who deserve some form of special recognition but who sadly can't be charged.

The plan is to award it annually at year end. It goes to those whose devotion to enriching themselves by presuming to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, and for helping to make sure they do not become able to speak for themselves, has been particularly noteworthy in the past year.

We also hope that it serves as a hint to those who bear responsibility, to start acting responsibly. Each year's recipient will be a prime candidate for defunding and investigations into their activities and associations.

If we take it a year at a time, and keep adding to the causepimps site, people might begin to get it that this kind of behavior should not be seen as normal or inevitable. It will become no longer accepted.

This will make it possible for people now silenced or forced to spend all their time fighting off attacks, to engage in active citizenship. This is a very different thing than "activism" which we can do without.

This would lead to a real, locally based democracy, a deep democracy, rather than the networks of non profits we now have. These are really a system of social control and many of them are downright criminal.

2010 winner; Federation of Metro Tenants Associations

Let's close all the honey pots, one by one!