Goodwill Toronto

Here lies the late Goodwill Toronto, winner of the 2015 Golden Screw award. ( and lies and lies and...)

The essay giving reasons for the award is here

There has been an awful lot of bad noise in the media about the failure of Goodwill. The best, most really balanced, article is at It is from the Globe and Mail January 24, 2016. If the link has gone dead, call up Globe and Mail and complain.

I might have just copied it, because I do not care much for copyright laws, and given G&M the option of guaranteeing to leave the link up. But I do not have the time to do a workaround of their blocking software.

So once again what was once a good organization has bitten the dust after it became politicized. Below is the board that bailed and left the CEO holding the bag. I hope they are remembered for it.

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