Greg Renouf

I am very suspicious about this guy even if I often find his info about the OCAP and NOII jokers useful.

I do not like ideologues, whether from the left of the right. And he is ridiculous; talks like a throwback to the cold war, and like anything sustaining the material basis for civilization is "socialist". Lately he has been supporting the SUN broadcaster Ezra Levant in his paranoid delusions.

Awhile back, he tried to get me working for him. I found a bunch about him that did not add up. He claimed he was a computer engineer of some type, but his webmaster skills are limited. He claims to have spent some time in Russia; doing what, he did not say. He was dodgy about exactly what he did for a living, which rings alarm bells for me.

When some of the radical punks broke his cell phone, he could not come up with three hundred beans to replace it, and was seeking donations.

I do not know what his particular business with OCAP and NOII is, but I suspect he is some sort of low level stooge for the security services. He seems like the kind of marginal character who can be drawn into that sort of thing.

My concern about him are two; one is that he gives serious cause pimp fighters a bad name. Second, he might get somebody besides himself beaten up by the radical goonies.

His web site is to be found by googling "genuine witty". Renouf himself is not very witty.