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Helen Armstrong

Feb 2015- Latest news Armstrong; new folder about St. Stephen's House. Armstrong plays a significant role in he situation

July 7, 2012

Got the following message lately.

"Helen Armstrong was at city hall on Tuesday with OCAP to stop the closing of the schoolhouse shelter.

She spoke about working at St. Stephens House a job arranged for her by the Metro Tenants Federation and how the city better not close the shelter or OCAP will continue to fight them.

Dixon Hall who runs the shelter said that the idea of a wet shelter which they initially supported does not work and that the building was unsuitable as shelter and was not accessible for the disabled and could not be altered to make it so. They said they no longer were interested in running it and did not want any further funding for that project.

Due to the OCAP speakers the issue was delayed until the fall."

So, here is the Cause Pimps file on H. Armstrong. Keep the intelligence coming, folks!

I have not encountered her for awhile. She was instrumental in drumming me out of OCAP back in 2003. A lot of the people who were around OCAP back then were offended by this; it seems she just joined OCAP to attack me and then never atended their meetings for some years. Now she seems to be back into that.

The year before this I attended a community meeting in Etobicoke she had some hand in organizing. I forget what exactly it was about. She harassed me out of the place, creating a big commotion and calling security. The usual type of political cadre behavior.

It is interesting that she is also in with the Unitarian church. A lot of these assholes are connected with church groups, too. The pimps network contains some strange relationships. Anywhere there is a niche, I guess.