Joe Fiorito

This was received in late 2009; a comment and a scoop from FMTA's message board. At was sent to Toronto Star and cced to this web site. As far as canbe determined, Star has never acted on it.

This cause pimps section on Fiorito stays up until he and his newspaper has publicly denounced FMTA. Yes, FMTA does not like TCHC becaue they won't hand over their tenants to them. But backing one bad against another bad does not make a right.

If you have been suddenly receiving emails praising Joe Fiorito and saying he is their favorite reporter this is part of a public effort to influend the Star by the Federation of Metro Tenants Association.

Joe Fiorito was the FMTA's keynote speaker at their annual general meeting earlier this year and I was told by a friend who attended that Joe promised he would keep on writing in support of apartment licensing because the FMTA wanted it. Of course the FMTA wants 10% of the millions the city would collect on this tenant tax.

Here is their public posting on the Federation of Tenants message board to get people to write to you