Joe Mihevc


Update about Mihevc; volunteered January 2016;

Joe Mihevc was also on the Board of Artscape at the same time he was giving them piles of city money for artists' housing and later after leaving the board was instrumental at the city to giving them a ridiculously sweet deal at the Wychwood Barns site.  These are not poor artists. These are politically connected "artists" most of whom come from very well to do families and who could not paint an apartment getting cheaper rents than most poor tenants in slum areas pay.

Here is the city councillor for ward 21. He is a member of the city council's city of Toronto Community Development and Recreation committee. This group funds the Federation of Metro Tenant's Asscoaitions, one of the most corrupt and abusive groups in the city of Toronto, which says a lot. This opportunist deserves the contempt of every renter and tax payer in the city.

To learn all you need to know about FMTA, go to