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Update August 2016. Little shit has taken to ordering me out of meetings when I speak against FMTA. Read and

Here is the city councillor for ward 22 . He is a member of the city council's city of Toronto Community Development and Recreation committee. This group funds the Federation of Metro Tenant's Asscoaitions, one of the most corrupt and abusive groups in the city of Toronto, which says a lot. This opportunist deserves the contempt of every renter and tax payer in the city.

To learn all you need to know about FMTA, go to /FMTA/fmta.html

Some new and sinister stuff about Matlow. Date November 16, 2014

Someone I was talking to about budget issues at city hall said any restraint will probably go with Ford.

He as saying that with Kathleen Wynne and the Liberal's support for Tory's win that Liberals like Josh Matlow will likely have a lot of say on the new budget.

This person was talking about all the environmental projects and grants Matlow has lined up and with the Tenant Federation's support during the election he has been lobbying for a doubling of the Tenants Federation funding.

I did a search for them and Matlow and came across the following you may not have seen ( Still there as of August , 16.)

To the uninitiated who actually believe the group did any good for the tenants, they will believe the Toronto Star, so it is probably not a good idea to reprint it because it promotes both them and Matlow for what is provincial and nothing to do with the city. Very few people will understand what sort of lies are in the story.

This person thinks that Matlow is planning for 8 to 12 years from now either to become the Mayor or the Premier which is why he is promising the world to all the groups who have been backing him. He admits its only his opinion but he hasn't seen this sort of deal making at city hall since Miller wanted the Mayor's chair.

Now, the big lie in the article is here;

Between 100 and 150 buildings housing 20,000 to 30,000 tenants are hit with above-guideline rent increases in Toronto every year, said Geordie Dent of the Metro Federation of Tenants Associations which helps tenants fight the hikes.

In the 100 buildings the federation helped last year, the average above-guideline increase requested was 5.7 per cent. The average awarded by the board was 4.5 per cent, Dent said.

FMTA does not "help" any residents about anything. They perform no useful services at all. For full information abou them, consult here.

It is said of FMTA that they would take credit for the sun shining. But in the past, before it became untenable for them, they argued against lower taxes on rental housing because it would mean more profits for landlords. This entry is not to engage in a discussion of rental economics, but very simply no. Rental housing pays much higher taxes than owned, which is a tax on the tenants, unjustly taxing the poor higher.