Kristin Schwartz

Federation of Metro Tenants Association, nonprofit liason, OCAP member & fired CKLN station manager

Kristin Schwartz's abuse as CKLN news manager

An old web page pulled out of the "way back machine" It gives some idea of the tone of the conflict at CKLN.

eyeopener article of november 4th.

This message about K. Shwartz came down the e-pipe on January 17,2012:

You are missing the latest on Kristin Schwartz who for some time no idea how long has been working at the refugee and immigration nonprofit Culturelink as their Bicyclists' Rights Coordinator. We know that the highest priority of every refugee who comes to Canada in the middle of winter is their right to ride Toronto streets in January on a bicycle! Our taxdollars at work.

Also, we hear that Kristin was involved in Anti-racist action in the 1990s. This was the group that wanted to have street fights with right wing hate groups, firebomb their stores, etc. It seems to have been long defunct. The problem with it was that super left radicals, like Schwartz, infiltrated them and began getting them to attack people who they pegged as racists. Usually these were just people on the enemies lists of these radical left groups.

October 2012. Someone sent me the folowing picture with this comment;

"Here is ARA member Kristin Schwartz who has always said she "likes to throw rocks at pigs" in a picture in the Culturelink newsletter smiling with 2 cops."
picture of one of Toonto's worst with a couple of Toronto's