Mark Brill

OCAP paid organizer, OCAP webmaster, active in the CKLN takeover, compulsive vicious liar and friend of Andy Lehrer.

Newest, very disturbing stuff about Brill. Sept 2015

Here is something useful about Marque and his OCAP activities

Here is some new information on Brill

New Info on Brill, June 2014

I don't know about his ( Beric German) employment today but I did confirm with a social worker here that Beric has for around for at least the past 20 years been working as one of the original street outreach workers at Streethealth.

There had been a push for the workers to do more outreach with the homeless and less protesting on paid time by the executive director Laura Cowan, but as my friend told me, led by Beric and 2 OCAP people Gatean Heroux and Danielle Koyama they fought back and stacked the board with people like Mark Brill who I see a lot about on your website.

She doesn't know if Laura quit or was fired by the board but she left and the extremists went back to doing pretty much what they wanted on their paid time. I wonder how much money Streethealth gets out of the city?

September 2015

Below is a picture of a poster up on a lamp right around Allen gardens. The picture in the poster is definitely Mark Brill. It reads; Parents Watch Your Children! This person has been repeatedly spotted taking pictures of and approaching young children. Be alert and do not leave your young children alone in public.

This is consistent with some other information I have about Brill. He has been associated with that area recently. The OCAP office is now near Allen Gardens. Brill has been recently in charge of the house along George street by Seaton house which has been occupied by OCAP supporters to mount protests about the redevelopment of Seaton.

This is also part of the reason to stay away from OCAP. The people in control of OCAP seem totally uninterested in the evident psychological problems of many of its members.