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Michael Laxer

Here is a confederate of Andy Lehrer. He helped Lehrer to get this page deindexed by google by making a fake complaint. Find out more at Lehrer's page.

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A former and possibly still FMTA board member.

NDP repeat candidate municipally, provincially and federally.,_2003_Ontario_provincial_election#Michael_Laxer_.28Scarborough_Centre.29

He was a distant third candidate for city councillor of Ward 6,_2010#Ward_6:_Etobicoke_Lakeshore getting a paltry 717 votes or only 3.5% of the vote as the NDP candidate in the 2010 Toronto city elections.

Involved in the Socialist Party of Ontario.

New stuff about Laxer

Here is a Youtube link to an interview he gave before the last provincial election. What is funny about it is his grandiose sense of self importance, relative to his and his socialist party's real resources and influence.