Michael Shapcott

The ultimate housing poverty pimp, Housing Director Wellesley Institute, perpetual NDP candidate

Update August 2015.

This should be filled in a bit. The problem with Shapcott is he is a compulsive attention seeker. As I determined once in an election forum, he is unable to stop talking about himself or even to stop talking. In oher forums, I have seen him grab the mike and start yakking when questions were directed to someone else.

Personally, he became very threatening with me once when I tried handing out announcments of this web site at a TDRC meeting. So he and Toronto Disaster Releif Committee were soon in it as well.

He ran for the NDP provincially and federally. I think he ran more than once provincially. This was before the NDP figured out that if it wanted to win elections it needed to have candidates who could win votes, not ones who had the right connections with the Toronto Center Riding Associations.

I talked with one person who tried running against Shapcott for the nomination in that riding. Shapcott won yet had not even shown up at the nomination voting "conclave". This person was infuriated that he spent time and money campaigning and then the association board decided it in effect behind closed doors. They pressured him to withdraw.

Shapcott is connected to the people who were somehow or other able to hijack the Wellesley foundation money after the Wellesley hospital was torn down. They have used the money for their own self aggrandizement. I believe that funds from this foundation went to finance part of Shapcott's nomination bids.

The Wellesley funds were supposed to go to support community developments to benefit people in neighboring St. Jamestown.

Shapcott publishes a lot about housing, and urban planning, but seems to get his research funneled to him by some people in the urban planning department of the universities, such as Professor David Hulchanski. I suspect they let Shapcott take the glory just to not have to fight with him and those he is connected with.

In short, Shapcott is one of the more obnoxious self promoters around and a perfect example of the damage done by the clientelistic way of doing politics in Toronto. Which, by the way, the NDP is a bigger practitioner of than any of the other parties.