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OCAP new member's meeting. August 2014.

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OCAP wins the Golden Screw award for 2013

Here is a tidbit from an OCAP message board which should go up on this page .Nice, isn't it?

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The poverty pimp wants us all to pay him a pension


November 2013; Wow! I am "condemned" by the OCAP inquisition!

I got an interesting tidbit of information the other day. This is November 2013. An acquaintance of mine got into a conversation with an OCAP member. He seemed to be very interested in me. He wanted to know if I had ever been a psychiatric patient. The people who are part of the left network who have me on their hate list seem to be obsessed with this idea; that I have been a psychiatric patient.

No, I have never been a psychiatric patient. At times in my life when I have been demanding things like medical care, housing, and an adequate income to survive on, I have kept having people try to get me sent to a psychiatrist. Eventually I talked to a psychologist who asked just who in hell some people think they are. He wrote me out a letter confirming I am not a candidate for psychiatric intervention just because people do not like what I say. That made it easier to access various services.

But what I heard at second hand was that I had been "condemned" by something they have in OCAP nowadays called "The Justice Committee". Apparently this is what it is informally called. The official name is "The Dispute Resolution Committee". I have had nothing to do with OCAP in about ten years, since it started getting too weird. In fact I got drummed out for unclear reasons, probably drawing attention to the weird things going on. Maybe this is what this person was talking about; events from ten years ago.

Considering that OCAP has become simply one of the pools of attack dogs for various "left" interests, and a training camp for bullies, that is disturbing. If this "condemnation" is recent, what is it about? The people on this committee are said to be; Kelly Hodges, Sarah Vance, and Kelly Bentley. A.J. Withers is an alternative. It seems they style themselves as "judges."

It is interesting that three of these people are female. I know less about Hodges but I think she is a she and connected somehow with the G-20 defendants. Like everything else to do with OCAP, it is extremely weird and unsettling.

This received anonymously ( Sept 2013)

I was talking to my councillor who lives nearby and he is saying that OCAP has made it pretty clear privately that they will stop protesting for more shelter beds if there is more money for a tenants group they support.

If true then they are total hypocrites. I saw that idiot who runs OCAP on tv pleading for the city to prevent more deaths and going on about all the people dying because of a lack of shelter beds. If this is so then why is he willing to stop fighting against the homeless dying for lack of shelter beds if the city will instead give money to a group he has some connection to? Clearly he is a hypocrite and this is only a cheap tactic to get media attention to extract more public money out of the city.

Why won't the politicians expose this in the media?

It sounds like extortion to me.


First, here is what is on OCAP's website about the situation

College of Physicians and Surgeons, 80 College Street, (West of Bay), Wednesday, February 5, at Noon

On February 5, a six month suspension of Dr. Roland Wong's licence to practice medicine in Ontario will begin.  He is also saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs and penalties.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons has imposed these measures on Dr. Wong because he helped large numbers of his patients, living in poverty on Ontario Works (OW) and the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), obtain the Special Diet so that they and their families could have some chance of staying healthy.

The 'poverty reduction' Liberal Government at Queen's Park was thrown into a panic and a rage when they saw a doctor actually doing something to reduce poverty.  They complained to the College, as the body that regulates doctors in Ontario, and an attack on Dr. Wong was set in motion.

Shamefully, given that all medical evidence shows that low income is the greatest single threat to someone's health, the College has imposed these serious penalties on Dr. Wong.  His accusers are partly driven by spite but, even more, they are hoping to intimidate other medical providers who might want to advocate for their low income patients.

In the eyes of his patients, poor communities under attack and decent minded people across the City and beyond, Dr. Wong is a hero.  We know the attacks he's faced and the challenges he's up against will not succeed in breaking his resolve to confront  the shame of poverty.

Please come out on February 5th and help us give thanks to and show our solidarity with, Dr. Roland Wong.

Now, here is a link to a Toronto Star article about it. The key passage is this;

The Ontario Liberal government response was not to crack down on and remove the benefit to those with false claims but to reduce benefits to everybody, including on those with severe illnesses who the additional benefit was meant for.

The questions were never brought up of whether there were any kickbacks to OCAP for bringing in the patients.

Here is the medical math:

90,000 forms over 3-1/2 years, so assume 250 working days a year.  3-1/2 years is about 875, say 900 days.  So that is 100 forms a day.

Since he already had an established medical practice, even assuming he puts in an additional 4 hours a day, that would be 25 forms an hour, or one every 2 minutes 24 seconds, to read the form, interview the patient to find out what their ailments are that are applicable, etc.  Clearly the forms were already filled out with the fake medical diagnoses and all details already filled in and he just signed an average of 100 forms a day of people he knew nothing about and then filled out the OHIP billing form for each! He must have had a lot of help.

Now, here is what we say about this;

OCAP is famous for doing things that put programs for the poor in jeopardy. The special diet was well known about and used for years by case workers to get their clients enough to live on. OCAP largely ruined this and they probably did get money from it. They have no qualms about doing illegal things to raise money for themselves. This has included dealing in hot cigarettes and trying to extort protection by not carrying on "Direct Actions".

They give political activism a bad name. They are scum.

OCAP is recruiting


July 2014. Latest about OCAP is that they are holding a new member's meeting. I do not think they have ever done this before. Usually they have a sufficient supply of people who are angry about things. They stay until they catch on that they are being used, and then they drop out or hopefully, find more effective ways to fight for social justice.

Could it be that OCAP's supply of cannon fodder for its perpetual cat and mouse war with the cops, is running thin? If you read this page, you will know enough that you will have only yourself to blame if you do join and then end up hurt and abused.

But do people know enough to research an organization, to learn what it is really about, before they get involved. This is a vital skill for someone who wants to be an active citizen. Not an "activist", please.

We do not live in a really free society; there is plenty of control and manipulation going on from all sorts of political organizations. Even if they are against capitalism, they serve capitalism by creating an environment where it is very hard to organize a really effective resistance to it.

Groups that are what they seem to be are scarce, but they do exist. It takes some effort to find them. One thing which should go up on the cause pimps site soon is a section for good organizations. That is, ones which are what they say they are, and are led by a core of competent people.

The Green party comes to mind, although they do not deal specifically with poverty. It is hard to work for them in Toronto because they are so constantly disrupted by the NDP.

The Basic Income Canada Network seems to be developing into an effective force but it hasn't established a presence in Toronto yet. When it does,, it will be attacked fiercely.

Foodshare Toronto does a lot of good work and has been around for awhile. A good choice for those who would like to help to alleviate poverty but do not want to get into confrontation politics.