Pam MacConnell

picture of Miss Pammy should be here

Pammy is a left city councillor, among several. Why is she in the "cause pimps" page? We have some really good evidence now of her exploiting her position, that is; the Cole street condo deal. In the past she has been criticized for using city limousines too much.

The Sun columnist Sue Levy seems to have a special thing for Pammy. This site does not necessarily support the Sun and right wing crap generally.

But one really objectionable thing about Pammy is the apparent support of FMTA in vicious defamation, intimidation, and false charges against one of her constituents. She has flatly refused to discuss the isue for over a decade. She has tried to block it form being discussed at public meetings.

In short, she is just a cause pimp and protector of cause pimps.

The Sun article about the sweet condo deal is at

The famous "Driving Miss Pammy" article.