Sarah Vance

Sarah Vance a very long time OCAP member, executive member and former paid OCAP spokesperson.

I remember her for saying in an OCAP meeting that immigration issues are far more important that tenants and tenants already have adequate protection from legal aid clinics. Now she is an untrained hotline councillor giving legal advice on the FMTA Tenant Hotline while still very active in OCAP and the New Socialists.

She is most remembered for her and her megaphone.

The most telling incident was during the June 15, 2000 Queen's Park Riot. Sarah Vance got on the megaphone and went through the crowds of people telling them to "go to the safe area" and cross Queen's Park Circle to the east. She really went after the innocent poor people, disabled, psyche survivors and seniors to cross the street to the east and to "safety". What she was doing was sending them between the riot police and the Black Bloc who were smashing office windows to use the innocent to protect the anarchists whose bus was chartered by OCAP to come from Quebec City to cause trouble here.

Government workers will remember Sarah for leading OCAP invasions of their offices and her habit of putting her megaphone up to these workers' ears and then screaming into it. I don't think these assualts on welfare workers' hearing ever helped anybody.

Latest; May 2014, Vance has become a teacher. Figure that.

further about Vance and her day care.

Here is some recent information about her, since she joined FMTA. Posted in July 2012