Sean Meagher

Pres. Public Interest, creator of Save Our Structures taking TCHC money to sell out the tenants. Lately he was hanging around the LeSage review hearings, supposedly off limits to TCHC staff. But TCHC's stooges and paid contractors were all over it and the tenants still expressed fears about talking without retailiation.

The ugliest thing Meagher Seannie and his "Public Interest Research" company have been invovled in has been the TCHC "media Action Group" which organizes the usual crew of TCHC tenant toadies to lobby news media to silence any negative coverage of TCHC. They especially dislike the Star writer Joe Fiorito and have been trying to get him fired.

August, 2012

There is an unnamed newspaper which wants to do some more articles about " Totally Confused and Hopelessly Corrupt". It showed some information it dug up to some TCHC tenants, asking their opinions. They want to talk anonymously for fear of being evicted, but they gave their opinions about TCHC and this particular "contractor" Sean Megher.

He and his company "Public Interest Consultants" certainly has got some money from TCHC from 2005 through at least 2010, it seems mostly to act as an element of the housing pimps secret police system. Scan through the document and see that the main task for Megher and TCHC is "perception management". That is, creating a beautiful picture of TCHC for outside eyes, putting up astroturf groups of selected TCHC tenants to act as lobbying tools for TCHC interests, and most sinisterly, seeking to silence criticism of TCHC from tenants or outside parties.

He and his cronies serve the interests of the housing pimp fellowship and are enemies of the public interest. And, of TCHC tenants.

as received; August 24, 2012

From documents on the city's website shows that Sean was for a number of years Pam McConnell's Executive Assistant and before that Executive Assistant to another NDP city councillor Marilyn Churley. The city calls his company - Public Interest Strategy and Communications Inc.