Tim Groves

Received the following info on Groves March 2016. I have talked with Groves a few times. A complete self pittying jerk. I tried to attend one of his classes in internet research. He refused to let me. Later I did when Mac Scott taught. Could be why Groves did not want me around. I am sure I have been a "research" subject.

Evidently OCAP's Tim Groves is not the same one as the one in Peterborough with the same name who was charged with child porn distribution.  Toronto's Tim Groves says the other one is 9 years older than he, according to a source who contacted him.

It is still interesting how OCAP has purged all references to Tim Groves on its website around when the charges were laid.

Also OCAP used to have a regular Research Skills for Activists course given by Groves that now is provided by Mac Scott.  When Groves gave the course it was mostly how to track down personal information including archived material against your "enemies" using the internet.

Is OCAP that politically correct, or just worried they might get tarred with the mis-association to their former Executive Member and the older person with the same name charged in Peterborough?

Sorry about the incorrect assumption, which I made because OCAP is known for attracting people with criminal and very inappropriate behaviours.