Tim Maxwell

This folder is open on October 12, 2014. I have not had a folder for Maxwell for reasons which will be clear if you read my blog post of today, reposted here.

He is just the kind of subnormal goon who the psuedo left network likes to use as an enforcer. He is really quite gutless, but has a basic cunning, so they do not have to worry about him causing them serious trouble.

Also posted is some info which shows he is the "coordinator" of the legal clinic Kensington Bellwoods in its attempt to reverse or mitigate the reorganization of the clinic system.

There is also a letter I have had on file for some years from another FMTA follower.

Of course, if you have anything to share about timmy, or any other cause pimp, contact


"timmy didn't want his picture taken"

Shortly after this went up, spomebody sent me this;

Tim Maxwell?

 He is old history.


Tim Maxwell used to work at the FMTA before the days of Geordie Dent.


When Dan McIntyre heard that Howard Tessler was lobbying board members to fire him (Dan) and replace him with Maxwell, Dan fired Tim.


Tim Maxwell had previously worked at a legal clinic, it might have been Kensington Bellwoods but was terminated after multiple complaints about trying to withhold legal help from female clients unless they would go out on dates with him.


After being fired by Dan McIntyre, Tim went to work as the manager of a courier service that had psyche survivors as the couriers. I think it was called A-way or something like that.


So are you saying he is back working at a legal clinic? I would worry if he has any contact with vulnerable female clients after his previous history.